When to Replace Your Toilet

When to Replace Your Toilet

There is more to think about when replacing a toilet than simply whether it has stood the test of time. For example, water costs and impact on the environment are now a consideration for all homeowners. The question is how do you know when it’s time to replace your toilet?

Here are our top five reasons to change your toilet:

 Cracked Porcelain

To put it simple porcelain can crack at any time. If you have a hairline crack, it’s best to change your toilet as soon as possible. If the toilet crack gets any bigger, you may be looking at expensive repairs and extensive damage to your home.

 Chipped or Scratched Porcelain

If the porcelain comes into contact with a metal surface, it will often chip. It might be an idea to replace your toilet as the protective coating on the clay will be removed, as there is a possibility for the toilet to absorb water and liquids at this point.

Scratches are more common with porcelain toilet as it could be worn away due to cleaning. If your toilet seems to require more cleaning, this may be the cause, scratched surfaces are more difficult to keep clean.

 When You’re Ready to Save Money

Newer toilets have lower volumes of water in their tank reservoirs. If you want to save on your water bill, considering getting a ‘low flush’ style toilet. Over the course of a year, you will notice the savings.

Frequent Plunging Required

If you are noticing that you have reach for your plunger more and more, then perhaps it’s time to consider replacement. Oftentimes older toilets become more susceptible to blockages.


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