What To Do In An Emergency Gas Leak Situation

What To Do In A Emergency Gas Leak Situation

When you are at home and can smell gas and suspect you will need an Emergency Gas Leak, the first thing you must do is to turn off the ECV (emergency control valve) at the gas meter.

Then call Logical Heating & Plumbing solutions immediately as they can asset the danger, another thing to do is open all window and doors and turn off and extinguish all sources of ignition.

If you are not sure where the emergency control valve is within the home, it normally located in a number of different areas including under the stair case, in the hall way, in the living room, under the kitchen sink or in the utility room. If you can’t locate the gas meter to isolate the supply, then call LHPS for help.

One of the big problem with emergency gas leak is often your gas pipes are lead, and cannot be repaired and need to be replaced with copper pipework. This is due to the Gas Safe current regulations.

In most cases you can run the new gas pipelines internally. But there may be a problem with this sometimes. If there is a problem, then the gas line can be run externally from the gas meter, into the house and supply the gas appliances. Remember to always use a gas safe registered engineer to carry out any gas work for you.

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