What Is Hard Water and Why Is It a Problem?

what is hard water

What is hard water is a phrase you may not have heard from your plumber when you are discussing on the various problems you are facing in the homes.

But you might not have understood exactly what is hard water?  It’s an odd term and if you are new home owner it might not be something you are familiar with. In this post, is a guide on what is hard water means, why it’s an issue for a home, and what you can do about if your home has it?

Defining hard water

Amy water that contains a higher level of certain minerals is referred to as hard water. These minerals include magnesium, gypsum, and calcium. If the water contains higher levels of sodium, is it said to be soft water. Hard water usually occurs from minerals entering the municipal pipes on the way to residential homes.

The trouble with hard water

Fortunately, hard water is rarely harmful to drink however you might get a metallic taste. The dangers from hard water are for a home’s plumbing. The minerals leave calcite deposits along the inside of the pipes, which will build up to the point where they will restrict water flow and increase the water pressure in the plumbing system. Hard water deposits are also very damaging for water heaters, where they can cause limescale build up along the inside of the tank.

How to eliminate hard water

To eliminate hard water requires a professionally installed device called a water softener. A whole-house water softener places sodium ions into the water that counteract the hard water minerals. It’s important to leave the work of choosing a water softener to experts such as Logical Heating & Plumbing solution, since you don’t water too much sodium placed into the water leaving it with a metallic taste.

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