Do You Need to Upgrade Your Electrical Panel Right Now?

electrical panel

For those who are not a trained electrician, when do you need to upgrade your electrical panel? As electrical panel can be something of a mystery.

It may seem to you that the only job of these panels is to deliver electricity. While part of the job of your panel is to deliver electricity to your property, it does more than this.

Your electrical panel acts as a safety device, it channels the turbulent electrical flow into circuits so that your property receives the amount of electricity the panel dictates. If you don’t have enough electricity to support your property; the normal amperage for homes these days is 200 then it’s time to call a trained electrician for help in upgrading your panel.

Signs Its Time to Upgrade

Here are some signs that you should never ignore when upgrading your home’s electrical panel:

  • Do you have lights that flicker, dim or brown out when you turn on a major appliance like a dishwasher or microwave? This indicates that the draw on your system is too heavy and that you would benefit from adding more amps to your electrical box.
  • Are you constantly flipping circuit breakers back on in your electrical panel? When multiple breakers trip with regularity, this is often an indication that you don’t have enough power coming into your home.
  • Fuses are an outdated method of managing the electricity in your home, and they can also be dangerous. In fact, many property insurance companies will not insure property that still have fuse boxes instead of an electrical panel. Fuses simply cannot provide the power most homes need, so it is in your best interest to upgrade your fuse box to a standard electrical panel as soon as possible.

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