Top 4 Services lhps Provide

top 4 services lhps provide

It’s that time of the year again when we are in dire need of heating and plumbing services especially in Croydon, so that is why we are telling you about the top 4 services lhps provide.

One name stands out when it comes to providing the best plumbing and heating service in Croydon and it’s Logical Heating and Plumbing Solutions Ltd.They have been in the business for years and have built a solid reputation for themselves as one of the most reliable heating and plumbings service provider in the Croydon area. Here is a quick look into our comprehensive services and quality and safety assurance measures:

Underfloor Heating

There are plenty of benefits that underfloor heating systems offer. They allow you to better control the temperature of a particular room and choose which rooms you want to heat up. This in turn makes you save more energy and money. Logical Heating and Plumbing Solutions an underfloor installers croydon. is proud to have 100% customer satisfaction rate. Their experienced and well-trained engineers will ensure that they explain the basics of your underfloor heating system’s controls and maintenance. Regardless of what your heating system requirement is, you are guaranteed that they will be able to come up with the best solution for you.

Boiler Service

Heating systems are important especially during cold weather. If it is boilers you are looking for, they also install boilers in Croydon. They offer their services for any types of needs, may it be for home purposes or office purposes. You are rest assured that the boiler installed at your place is accredited (Gas Safe Accredited) and is also covered by full insurance. They make sure that the solutions they provide for your are within your requirements and budget.

Power Flushing

Installing a power flush solution in your heating system is one crucial step in ensuring that your system stays in tip top shape for a long period of time. A power flush solution will prevent the emergence of sludge and limescale on the pipes of your heating system. This will result to a better functioning heating system which won’t require frequent maintenance check. Not only that, the noise emitted by your boiler will also be significantly minimised. This will also save you a whopping 25% on your bills spent on fuel. After installing a power flush solution, you will be left with a cleaner, better running system. You can call Logical Heating and Plumbing Solutions Ltd. for a quote today.

Solar PV

If you are one of the people who wish to try out alternative energy measures, Logical Heating and Plumbing Solutions Ltd. installs solar PV or photovoltaic panels in Croydon. Photovoltaic panels converts the energy from the sun into electricity which you can use to run your house appliances. You can even use this to gain extra revenue and save on the money you pay for your electricity bills. The best thing about solar pv is that it does not require frequent maintenance checks. The solar pv that Logical Heating and Plumbing Solutions Ltd. installs adhere by the highest approval standards. It will be duly inspected and approved by MCS after its installation to guarantee your safety.

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