Tips for a Warm Cosy Home During Winter

Tips for a Warm Cosy Home During Winter

Now it November that mean there is dark nights and chilly weather with Christmas approaching fast, it’s the perfect time for people to start preparing for winter. Tips for a Warm Cosy Home During Winter.

What this mean is getting your house all warm and cosy by keeping the house heating on while also making sure that your energy bills are as low as possible.

One of the main concerns during the winter months is how to keep your house all warm and cosy with the type of heating systems installed within the home. There also seem to be an increasing number of householders move to eco-friendly solutions this winter so here is a few tips on keeping that warm and cosy feeling without expensive heating bills.

One of the top environmentally friendly heating solutions is underfloor heating. The main advantage with underfloor heating is that no heat is wasted, as the room is always warmed from the floor up. However, do be aware that the initial expense of the installation may be slightly more expensive than a traditional boiler and radiators, but it costs far less to run.


Fit a door curtain so that any draughts from the letter box or cat flap don’t get into the home. It also might be a good to also fit curtains with a thermal lining to keep out draughts. Another good idea is to place draught excluders around the home to block any airflow under doors.

Natural Heat:

During the day, leave blinds or curtains open to let in the sunlight, which will warm the room. As soon as it goes dark, close your drapes to retain the heat.


Do a check around the house to make sure it well insulated from the floorboards right up to the loft. It is possible to obtain grants for some of this work, which will help to cover costs. The savings will soon recoup the expense.

Once you have done all the above tips, you will be able to sit back and enjoy a warm, cosy home during the winter months.

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