Things to Consider When Planning a New Bathroom Installation

new bathroom installation

If your bathroom is looking a little old, it might be time for a shiny new bathroom installation. However there’s a lot to think about when planning a new bathroom installation, here are a few things to consider before you start picking out taps.

What do you want with your new bathroom?

Your bathroom design is going to last you for a very long time, so you need to think about what you may need in the future especially if your home situation change. Maybe perhaps you might need to put in another bathroom/cloakroom?

Will everything fit in with the new bathroom installation?

If you do decide on a separate bath and shower, or an additional cupboard as part of your bathroom installation, you will need to think carefully about whether everything will fit in properly.

For example, if you have a small bathroom you might want to make some big changes, by saving some space with having a shower bath combo. Some shower bath combo are smaller than others or able to fit in corners, so it worthwhile shopping around for the size that’s right for the room size. It also a good idea to make a small room look bigger with mirrors.

How much work needs to be done?

Only you can answer that. Only you can decide what will work with the new bathroom installation. You will, after all, save money if you don’t completely redo the whole bathroom but make small changes here and there –while still making it look new.

Aside from buying a new bathroom, there are other ways you can make the room look new and refreshed. It may be in need of a new coat of paint or a way to store things out of sight. Do you need additional cupboards? If you’re short on space consider a sink that sits on top of a cupboard, rather than a pedestal sink, this, after all, gives you more storage and also looks neater.

Planning a new bathroom installation can be exciting, and it’s great fun to watch your ideas come to life. With the right planning and decision making, you could have a bathroom that looks more inviting and is suited to your needs. To find out how Logical Heating & Plumbing Solutions a plumber in croydon company can help with installing your new bathroom installation, give us a call.

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