The Top 5 Services lhps Provide


Heating and plumbing are two functions that occur daily in your home that you often don’t notice until they stop working. Anyone with a stopped up toilet, a clogged kitchen sink or a broken furnace will be quick to remind you of just how important these appliances are in day to day life!

Stinking drains, overflowing sewage and freezing cold interiors are awful (and potentially very costly), but thankfully they can be fixed  – or hopefully prevented – most of the time with a little bit of attention from a licensed plumber or boiler repair person. It’s up to you to call a skilled tradesperson in to have a look at your heat and plumbing – we’ll do the rest.

At Logical Heating and Plumbing a plumbing bromley company, we provide a full range of services to keep your household running smoothly and to prevent disaster. In addition to all of the traditional plumbing and boiler upkeep and repair that you would expect, we offer a full range of state of the art installations designed to heat your home for less.

Under floor heating is a way for you to maximise the space in your home, as it eradicate the need for wall mounted radiators, instead placing heating coils beneath the flooring. While traditional radiators are set at 60 – 70 degrees, under floor heating is rarely set above 40, providing you with savings from the get go. Not to mention, there is nothing cozier than waking up on a cold winter’s day and stepping onto luxuriously heated floors.

You may also want to think about installing solar panels. Once thought of as a futuristic addition to the home, solar heating is increasingly common place for those who appreciate its money saving and environment features – you can even sell your excess energy back to the grid and make extra money! We at Logical Heating and Plumbing have been installing Solar Thermal and Solar PV panels for nearly twenty years and are experts in the field.

Having a gas heating system or gas oven repaired or installed in your home? Make sure that you hire only the best, as ill-fitted gas appliances can lead to fire and carbon monoxide poisoning. At Logical Heating and Plumbing, we only employ fully qualified Gas Safe Engineers who can repair these items with 100% safety and satisfaction.

Preventative care is a key component of what we do. Don’t wait for your boiler to need repairs – preempt the disaster with regular maintenance. We provide maintenance and boiler repair for Surrey, Kent, Bromley and Beck, including our Powerflushing service. This innovative cleaning technique eradicates sludge and build-up from your heating system, preventing breakdowns and ensuring you are heating your home as efficiently as possible.

Of course, we also offer top quality boiler repairs in Bromley, Kent, Surrey and Beck, in addition to electrical and plumbing services. If any of these components of your home malfunction, it can be inconvenient, costly and even lethal. Don’t risk your time, health and money – ensure that your boiler repairs are up to date and carried out by accredited professionals.


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