The Benefit Of Solar Panels

The Benefit Of Solar Panels

Recent talks about renewable energy have focused on how we should not be so dependent on fossil fuels and how we all should be going green and looking at other ways to get our energy; solar power is one way to get this renewable energy. It’s clear to see when driving through the neighborhoods of Britain that there has been a huge rise in the installation of photovoltaic solar panels, with homeowners choosing to produce their own electricity.

The solar cells are the small sections which convert sunlight into electricity, generating a small amount of power, with several solar cells fixed together in a frame produce a solar panel – this is what you see on houses around the UK. A big benefits of a solar powered home is that it can generate between 75% to 100% of its own power, this is beneficial to the homeowners as it saves money on electricity bills.

The solar energy you don’t use immediately will be transferred to the National Grid as credit through an electricity meter. This means that during the winter or on miserable dull days, when your panels are not producing more energy than your building needs, energy may used from the Grid, and energy consumption will be offset against earlier energy production.

Photovoltaic solar panel doesn’t need a lot of maintaining and if they are tilted 15% or more then the panels will have the benefit of being cleaned by rain water.  Installation is best during the summer when the sunlight is at its peak.

It important to remember that solar power is a clean, unlimited and versatile energy source. It can be used to help to not only heat the home but to help grow food and give us light when it is dark. Our understanding of how to harness the sun’s power (in a cost effective way) has only recently begun, and with more advanced technology, solar panels will keep getting better.

Logical Heating & Plumbing Solution use MCS Approved and Accredited Installation Team who will be able to install the panel to your roof.  When installation is complete it will be tested to the latest 17th edition wiring regulations and relevant ELECSA certificate has been completed with the full knowledge that you are happy with the installation and it is working properly. We won’t be leaving you in the dark and we will check up on the panels to see if it giving you the optiminuim performance.

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