The 3 Top Heating Sin

heating sin

Staying warm during the winter months is always a tricky malarkey. Almost every homeowner is aware on how tricky is can be to keep not only yourself warm but also the home, and this is where heating mistakes are made.

The problem with having heating mistakes is that this is when money is being wasted unnecessarily. How to fix this problem without losing money and committing unnecessarily heating sin? There is a simple solution.

Pulling the curtain across your radiator
When pulling the curtain across in the evening, try and remember that by pulling the curtain across the radiator, the heat rises upwards, right out of the window, any heat that could reach the entire room is blocked by the curtain.

Dial turned to the max
When we are cold it often out of habit that we turn our thermostat to the max, this doesn’t heat the room any faster. Nor does it make comfortable room temperature so the best thing is to find the most sensible and comfortable temperature on the thermostat and keeping with it. This does boost the efficiency of your heating system.

Leaving your window open
If you have left your heating on all throughout the day and returns in the evening and found it to be a little bit stuffy, so often we open the window to get some fresh air. This is just throwing money away. If the heating is too high or you leave it on throughout the day, turn it down. It’s that simple.

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