Teaching Your Kids about Basic Plumbing

Teaching Your Kids about Basic Plumbing

At an early age children are fascinated with anything they can get their hands on, especially water. This does unfortunately include anything with your plumbing – toilet, sinks, bathtub and taps. Teaching Your Kids about Basic Plumbing is part of your child learning growth.

They are happy splashing water and making a big puddle on the floor, even when you explained to the child that they can’t do that. As at a young age children can understand a lot of basic information such as the word ‘no’ and ‘don’t’. They also understand the nature of gravity, pressure and water seeking, that why they are always trying to flush something down the toilet; they understand that if they put it down there and flush it will disappear into another dimension.

The child has to be taught the consequence of their action; it will cause a lot of damage to your property pipes. When talking to your child makes them understand the important of your plumbing system, they need to use to toilet, fresh drinking water and fresh water to bath in.

Here is quick guide on what a young child should never flush:

  • Toys.
  • Paper towels.
  • Food.

Once they get old enough to help with the washing up teach them to:

  • Never dispose greasy bones, potato peels, pasta and anything starchy down the drain disposal.
  • Only ever use washing up liquid and never any foam soap.

When they are old enough to be left home alone or have moved away, it’s their own responsibility to take care with their own property plumbing.

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