improve water within the home

3 Ways to Improve Your Water within the home

As a homeowner, do you know how to improve water within the home? It is an unusual question but as a homeowner do ever suspect that there is something wrong with your water?

Logical Heating & Plumbing Solutions, as an emergency plumber croydon we are able to improve water within the home.

After all water quality is one of the most important issue with the home, if you don’t have clean fresh water you are unable to wash, clean yourself and items in the house. So here is a guide on 3 ways to improve the water at home.

1. Get Your Water Tested

If you’re not happy with how your water tastes, then don’t settle for nasty bacteria water. The first step toward improvement is getting your water tested by a professional plumber such as Logical Heating & Plumbing Solutions. What you will receive is detailed information about the various things in your water. While not every extra mineral or particle is dangerous you may also find that you need to take action. A professional plumber will be able to advise you as to which approach is the right one to take.

2. Consider a Water Softener If you’ve Got Hard Water

Hard water with high amounts of calcium and magnesium among other trace minerals is a real problem for many homeowners in certain area. While it’s not particularly harmful, hard water can have a serious negative impact on your plumbing system. When those mineral deposits begin to accumulate within the pipes, it can actually reduce the diameter and eventually lead to premature piping replacement.

3. Take a Comprehensive Approach to Cleaner Water

There are a number of options if there are things in your water supply that you’d like to remove. One of the most comprehensive, however, is the reverse osmosis system. This whole-house or point-of-use system uses pressure and a permeable membrane to filter out a diverse range of contaminants and pollutants.

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increased in your water bill

What Causes an Increased In Your Water Bill And How To Fix It

If your have been noticing an increased in your water bill on the rise lately, you will want to look into the causes for this increase.

At Logical Heating & Plumbing Solutions, we want to share with you some of the common causes of an increased in your water bill, so that you can save money moving forward.

Common causes of an increased in your water bill

If you’re trying to figure out why your home water bill is so high, one of these following reasons is probably behind your utility bills.

  • Leaking toilet
  • Dripping faucet
  • Issues with a swimming pool
  • Over-watering the lawn
  • Water-cooled air conditioners
  • Broken water pipe
  • Water softener issues
  • Running water

Firstly if you find your water consumption is higher than it should be, you should most defiantly check for leaks. The most common place for leaks is the toilet. Leaking water produces an increased in your water bill without your knowledge. Some leaks are erratic and will require some looking around to find the source, but other leaks are very obvious. It doesn’t matter what type of leak you have, they all can be easily fixed.

What to Do About a Leak

Toilet leaks are one of the most common sources of leaks. Leaky toilets can waste hundreds of gallons a day undetected and should be repaired immediately. Pinpointing a toilet leak is easy and usually inexpensive. Here are some easy to follow procedures to locate a toilet leak: Wait 5-10 minutes after the last flush. Remove the tank cover. Is the water level in the tank too high and spilling into the overflow tube? If so, you have a leak. While you have the tank cover off, put food colouring, laundry bluing, or a leak detector tablet in the toilet tank. Wait at least 30 minutes. If the coloured water appears in the bowl, you have a leak.

Call the Professionals Plumber

Give the leak experts at Logical heating & Plumbing Solutions a plumbing croydon a call today to learn more about how to check for leaks around you home or schedule a time for one of our experienced professional plumber to come out and take a look.

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what is hard water

What Is Hard Water and Why Is It a Problem?

What is hard water is a phrase you may not have heard from your plumber when you are discussing on the various problems you are facing in the homes.

But you might not have understood exactly what is hard water?  It’s an odd term and if you are new home owner it might not be something you are familiar with. In this post, is a guide on what is hard water means, why it’s an issue for a home, and what you can do about if your home has it?

Defining hard water

Amy water that contains a higher level of certain minerals is referred to as hard water. These minerals include magnesium, gypsum, and calcium. If the water contains higher levels of sodium, is it said to be soft water. Hard water usually occurs from minerals entering the municipal pipes on the way to residential homes.

The trouble with hard water

Fortunately, hard water is rarely harmful to drink however you might get a metallic taste. The dangers from hard water are for a home’s plumbing. The minerals leave calcite deposits along the inside of the pipes, which will build up to the point where they will restrict water flow and increase the water pressure in the plumbing system. Hard water deposits are also very damaging for water heaters, where they can cause limescale build up along the inside of the tank.

How to eliminate hard water

To eliminate hard water requires a professionally installed device called a water softener. A whole-house water softener places sodium ions into the water that counteract the hard water minerals. It’s important to leave the work of choosing a water softener to experts such as Logical Heating & Plumbing solution, since you don’t water too much sodium placed into the water leaving it with a metallic taste.

To find out more information then please give Logical Heating & Plumbing Solutions a plumbing croydon company, a call today.

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Beware of These Water Heater Issues

Beware of These Water Heater Issues

The sooner you recognize signs of water heater issues,the quicker you can have them repaired and able to prevent any more damages.Here is a guide taking a look at some common water heater issues.

The water heaters in the home can last for a very long time, as long as they’re taken care of properly. Eventually, the wear and tear of every day normal usage will result in water heaters issues.

Cracked Dip Tube

Water heaters contain a part called the dip tube, which runs from the water line down through the top of the tank and let’s out near the bottom. The purpose of the dip tube is to direct all water entering the tank to the bottom, where it will remain separate from the hot water leaving the tank and will be able to warm up much faster since it’s closer to the burner assembly. If the dip tube develops a crack, it can leak cold water into the mix. If you’re suddenly getting blasts of cold water in the middle of an otherwise-warm stream, it might be because you have a problem with your water heater’s dip tube.


Leaks are a serious issue for any system that deals with water on a regular basis, but especially for water heaters. If the storage tank springs a leak and it isn’t taken care of as soon as possible, there’s a very real chance that it could rupture. If you don’t want to pay for potentially thousands of pounds worth of remediation services, you should call for Logical Heating & Plumbing solutions a plumbing croydon company to repairs whenever you notice a leak in your water heater. The faster you can get the leak sealed, the better off your water heater will be.

When you do encounter water heater issues and you are unable to solve yourself, give Logical Heating & Plumbing Solutions a call today. We’ll send our engineer out as soon as possible. Our number is 020 8664 9099.

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Water Line Problems You Need to Be Aware Of

Water Line Problems You Need to Be Aware Of

The water line is the pipe that brings water from the municipal water main into your home. It’s a vital part of your home’s plumbing system. It will also probably last for a really good long time.

Water lines are designed to last up to at least up to a century under the right circumstances and right environments.

If you want your water line to last as long as possible, though, you are going to need to be aware of certain problems that can end up shortening its lifespan. Here a short guide on some of the water line problems that you need to be aware of.

Tree Roots

Tree roots are always seeking out new water sources to help them grow. If you happen to have a couple of trees planted on your property, there is a fair chance that a root will eventually find its way into your water line. Once there, it will grow and expand into an entire root system. This will eventually restrict the flow of water through your water line, as well as punch several holes in the pipe. Annual pipe inspection from Logical Heating & Plumbing solutions can help us find any roots in your line before they grow out of control, and remove them.


Copper pipes are surprisingly resistant to many forms of corrosion, but not all of them. There are still some types of corrosion, like formicary and pitted corrosion that can weaken the pipe and open leaks. It’s important to have your water line inspected for leaks, so that we can have them patched as soon as possible. As long as we are able to catch them early enough, your water line should still last a good long time.

When you do encounter a problem with your water line, give Logical Heating & Plumbing Solutions a plumbing croydon company a call today. We’ll send our engineer out as soon as possible. Our number is 020 8664 9099

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