Recent Search Queries

Recent Search Queries:

It’s now spring time, a perfect time to put away your winter woollies and turn off the central heating. Let’s face it, now we’re in warmer weather we can get around to sorting out any boiler related issues, and it has come to our attention that some of you seem to be having some boiler related questions.This could be attributed perhaps to thinking about next winter or wanting to be prepared if the weather does turn colder. Another reason for thinking about sorting out your boiler is you are to treat someone to under floor heating, in which case it’s a good idea to treat this issue before thinking about any further heating installation.

So we’re going to be answering your recent search queries, hoping it will give you an idea on how Logical Heating & Plumbing Solutions ltd can help you with your boiler issues.

“Can a hot water tank be fed from the boiler to the bottom of the tank?”

 I assume this is for hot water systems, if so, fixing a problem boiler or a hot water system must start with identifying the kind of system you have got. Most properties have two separate hot water systems, while both systems share components they do not mix. The central heating system uses water that is heated in the boiler and then circulated around radiators. The domestic water system is the water that comes out of taps in sinks and showers. So to answer the original question, no it can’t and that is in fact illegal to do.

“Condenser boilers and power cuts”

It is possible for a condenser boiler to run in the event of a power cut, however the supplier would advise against it. If it stops working and you are unsure why, then as ever please ring LHPS before attempting to do anything.

“Does a combi boiler give out instant hot water?”

 The short answer is yes it does. With a combi boiler hot water is always available instantly and for as long as you need it.

How can I get more hot water pressure from my combi boiler?”

There isn’t a quick answer here, the water is fed from the mains so the water pressure is generally good on combi boiler. It is important to remember that combi boilers take water from the mains and then heat it as required, however on standby there is no water demand, so no heat is wasted. Give us a call and we can discuss this further.

“How long is under floor heating guaranteed for?”

Once you have underfloor heating installed at the property the pipework is guaranteed to last for 25 years. In the event of a break-down, let us know and we will come and fix it for you.


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Why Choose Logical Heating And Plumbing Services This Spring

Why Choose Logical Heating And Plumbing Services This Spring

Heating and plumbing are two functions that occur daily in your home that you often don’t notice until they stop working, so this is why choose Logical Heating & plumbing Solutions services this spring.

Anyone with a stopped up toilet, a clogged kitchen sink or a broken furnace will be quick to remind you of just how important these appliances are in day to day life!

Stinking drains, overflowing sewage and freezing cold interiors are awful (and potentially very costly), but thankfully they can be fixed – or hopefully prevented – most of the time with a little bit of attention from a licensed plumber or boiler repair croydon company. It’s up to you to call a gas safety registered engineers in to have a look at your heat and plumbing.

We provide a full range of services to keep your household running smoothly and to prevent disaster. In addition to all of the traditional plumbing and boiler upkeep and repair that you would expect, we offer a full range of state of the art installations designed to heat your home for less.

Under floor heating is a way for you to maximise the space in your home, as it eradicate the need for wall mounted radiators, instead placing heating coils beneath the flooring. While traditional radiators are set at 60 – 70 degrees, under floor heating is rarely set above 40, providing you with savings from the get go. Not to mention, there is nothing cozier than waking up on a cold winter’s day and stepping onto luxuriously heated floors.

You may also want to think about installing solar panels. Once thought of as a futuristic addition to the home, solar heating is increasingly common place for those who appreciate its money saving and environment features – you can even sell your excess energy back to the grid and make extra money! We at Logical Heating and Plumbing have been installing Solar Thermal and Solar PV panels for nearly twenty years and are experts in the field.

Having a gas heating system or gas oven repaired or installed in your home? Make sure that you hire only the best, as ill-fitted gas appliances can lead to fire and carbon monoxide poisoning. At Logical Heating and Plumbing, we only employ fully qualified Gas Safe Engineers who can repair these items with 100% safety and satisfaction.

Preventative care is a key component of what we do. Don’t wait for your boiler to need repairs – preempt the disaster with regular maintenance. We provide maintenance and boiler repair for Surrey, Kent, Bromley and Beck, including our Powerflushing service. This innovative cleaning technique eradicates sludge and build-up from your heating system, preventing breakdowns and ensuring you are heating your home as efficiently as possible.

Of course, we also offer top quality boiler repairs in Bromley, Kent, Surrey and Beck, in addition to electrical and plumbing services. If any of these components of your home malfunction, it can be inconvenient, costly and even lethal. Don’t risk your time, health and money – ensure that your boiler repairs are up to date and carried out by accredited professional.

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Choosing lhps In Spring

Choosing lhps In Spring

As winter seems to be coming to a close and spring is right round the corner, it’s the perfect time to get your heating or plumbing upgraded. You may have noticed a few problems throughout the winter months that have unexpectedly popped up, or you may have recently come into some extra money and have the extra cash to upgrade your home’s value by installing under floor heating or a new bathroom. Whatever the case may be, it’s always a good idea to have your heating and plumbing serviced regularly. In this article we’re going to go over a few of the main benefits of choosing Logical Heating & Plumbing Solutions.

Your house could be old, or it may have been a while since you replaced your plumbing or it hasn’t had its annual service. Whatever the case may be, in the cold winter months this is when your plumbing is more prone to problems. Your pipes may freeze, or your boiler may have some kind of issue.

If you have your heating and plumbing checked out by a qualified gas safety engineers, you can rest assured that nothing is going to happen for quite some time and you don’t need to worry about any issues that could otherwise arise.

It might be a different case if you had hired an unregistered engineer and a relatively simple fix could end up being very dangerous with carbon monoxide poisoning and then you have to pay extra for a qualified engineer to fix the issue.  This is something you don’t need to worry when choosing Logical Heating and Plumbing Solutions services for your heating and plumbing as you are in good hands.

Do you sometimes feel that one or more of your radiators are not heating up properly? Do you hate the fact that your floors are cold at night, despite your house being warm? If you have the money available, it’s time for an upgrade in the home. For example by having a power flushing service at a relatively cheap price for your radiators, and you’ll never have to worry about that clogging issue again. Do you have cold stone-based flooring that causes your floor to be freezing first thing in the morning? It my be time to upgrade to under floor heating and remain warm all year round! The heating bills will come down and your central heating will be more effective. Your quality of life within the home will greatly improve and you get instant results.

Overall, there are a lot of benefits when hiring the right plumbing and heating company for your home. If a problem did occur and find yourself needing an engineer or if you want to install under floor heating to improve the home, Logical Heating & Plumbing Solutions a plumbing bromey company will give you that peace of mind with the knowledge you are have hired qualified professionals.

If you want to talk about some of the benefits we have to offer then we would love to hear from you so give us a call today.

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