How a Solar Water Heater Can Benefit You

How a Solar Water Heater Can Benefit You?

During the winter it’s your home solar water heater that works harder than most of the appliances in your house. As this due to the water heaters keeping a large supply of water heated at all times, just in case it is needed. However, by doing that it does requires a lot of energy and can end up costing yourself a pretty hefty bill in the long run.

This can be bad news If you’re trying to save money, this is why taking a look at your water heater is highly recommended. Here is a guide of the best ways to save money on your water heater operating costs: installing a solar water heater.

What Is a Solar Water Heater?

A solar water heater is exactly what it sounds like. It is a water heater that utilizes solar energy in one form or another in order to heat water. There are a variety of different types of solar water heaters, but the most common use of solar panels to collect solar energy and convert it to electricity to power the unit.

Why Bother Installing a Solar Water Heater?

As previously mentioned, water heaters spend a lot of energy throughout the year. This is partially because it’s keeping a lot of water heated at all times, and partially because there is a daily demand for gallons and gallons of hot water. By installing a solar water heater, you can keep using that much hot water, but without the cost of heating it. Solar energy is a free and infinitely renewable resource, and that’s a big advantage for solar water heating. So if you are looking for a way to save a bit of money, consider installing a solar water heater.

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A guide On Solar Water Heating System

A guide On Solar Water Heating System

Are you considering installing a Solar Water Heating System system in your home this summer?

Solar water heating systems use free heat from the sun to create domestic hot water. They collect the heat using solar panels, which are fitted to your roof. There are currently two types of solar water heating panels available: evacuated tubes and flat plate collectors, which are fixed onto the roof tiles or integrated into your roof’s design.

Some solar panels can be used to heat your home too. Do be aware, the amount of heat they provide is usually fairly limited. This is why we recommend them for heating up your water instead.

Reduce Your Gas Bill

Having gas in the home can be pretty expensive and with prices always on the increase, it’s one of any homeowners’ main concerns, how to keep the gas bill lower. The solutions to reducing your gas bill and that’s by installing a solar water heating system in your home.

Solar water heating systems will provide around a third of your annual hot water heating needs in the home, which can lead to huge reductions of between £65.00 and £105.00 a year.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

As gas usage is bad for the environment, for it does creates harmful emissions. If you are looking for a way to do your bit for the planet and reduce your carbon footprint, installing a solar water heating system is the answer.

Since solar water heating is a green, sustainable energy source, it doesn’t release any harmful toxic gasses and therefore doesn’t negatively impact the planet in any way.

It can actually save up to 645kg of CO2 emissions, depending on the fuel you are replacing.

Benefit from an Even Yearly Output

A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that solar water heating systems only work in the summertime. The truth is that while solar water heating panels gather most of the energy they need to heat hot water in the summertime, they evenly distribute it throughout the year. This means your system will work all year round.

If your water isn’t quite hot enough or you don’t have quite enough hot water, your emersion heater or boiler will be able to do the rest of the work. This will still result in you reducing your carbon footprint and paying less for your gas.

Are They Expensive?

The most common questions we get asked on solar water heating systems is ‘are they expensive?’

A typical solar water heating system can cost approximately between £3000 and £5000 to install, do remember that it will help you make huge savings in the long run.

Like traditional boilers, solar water heating systems also require regular maintenance; but don’t fret, as costs are generally very low. A lot of solar water heating systems actually come with a warranty, giving you an extra peace of mind.

It is recommended that you have your solar water heating system checked by an accredited installer every three to seven years. This will help to prevent unforeseen issues and keep your system running efficiently.

Interested in Solar Water Heating?

If you are interested in all the benefits of a solar water heating system and want to find out if it is suitable for your home, then get in touch with Logical Heating & Plumbing Solutions.
We will be able to carry out an evaluation of your property and come up with the best solar water heating solution to meet your needs. Simply give us a call on 0208 664 9099 to get started.


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