low water pressure shower

Four Ways to Fix Low Water Pressure Shower

Turning on a shower only to find the water comes out is a slow drizzle, is never a good signs. Here are some of the most common causes of low pressure shower and Four Ways to Fix low water pressure now.

How exactly are you supposed to wash yourself when it takes 10 minutes just to rinse off with drizzling water? The good news is that when there is low water pressure shower, there’s usually a cause: characteristically one that can be easily fixed without an expensive bill.

Debris and mineral deposit build-ups:
If you notice low water pressure shower from just one or two of the fixtures in your house, the problem likely has to do with debris build-up. Water is full of minerals and other debris, all of which can accumulate in your pipes and on your fixtures. This can cause a blockage that affects how much water flows through. To fix this, try filling a small plastic bag with white vinegar, and use a rubber band to hang it around your showerhead or faucet. Let the head of the fixture soak for a few hours, and the vinegar should loosen the deposits.

Water leaks:
Leaks are another common cause of low water pressure. If water is flowing out of your plumbing through a hole or crack before it can reach your fixture, the pressure coming out of the faucet or showerhead will be lower. Logical Plumbing & Heating is your best bet for finding and repairing a leak in your water supply pipes.

A valve issue:
If you have low water pressure throughout your home, check your main shut-off valve to make sure it’s completely open. You may also want to see if there’s a pressure-reducing valve installed. If there is, have a plumber to help you adjust the settings to get the pressure you’re looking for.

Others are using the water:
Believe it or not, your low water pressure shower could be caused by your neighbours. If you notice low pressure at certain times of day, it may be because you and the people living next to you have similar schedules – when everyone is showering at the same time, the pressure will be lower in every home. Low pressure throughout the neighbourhood may also be caused by an issue with your municipal water supply. If that’s the case, call the supplier to see if they’re working on the issue.

To find out more information then please contact Logical Heating & Plumbing Solutions a plumbing bromley company today.

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How to clear a Blocked Shower Drain

How to Clear a Blocked Shower Drain Without Calling A Plumber

Blocked shower drain is one of the most common problems you will come across in your bathroom. If it’s completely blocked and the water simply isn’t draining, then you have a problem with your drains and it needs to be looked into.

The drain in the shower may be slow if the drains are not completed blocked. This can gradually leads to slippery build up of soap foams as well as old hairs and dead skins at the bottom of the shower drain. This can leads to slippery flooring and wet surfaces. Therefore you might need to actually clear your drain before any accident occurs. Clearing your blocked shower drain is very simple and you usually do not need to call out any professional plumbing.  Here are a DIY techniques to help you clears the blocked shower drain.

The very first step is to examine the root cause of the shower blockage by checking thoroughly if you can spot the actual cause of blockage. Remove the chrome cover of your waste. To remove you can merely lift it up or unscrew it, whatever suits to your type of waste. You can also pull out the plug in case you have an old school plug with chain variety.
The main cause is usually soap foams or the build up of old hairs. So if you witness the hair blockage try to get an access to hairs and pull them out carefully. You can also use a coat hanger or any other grabbing tool to perform the job.
The plunger is the next step to clear a blocked drain. You will need a ‘cup’  size plunger for clearing a shower blockage. You’ll need to have enough water in the bath or shower tray to completely submerge the cup of the plunger. Too much water and you’ll make a splashy mess, so use a bucket to remove the excess if you’re drain isn’t clearing at all.
Though how to unblock a shower through this method is a nasty business yet better than paying a huge amount to the plumber.

To find out more information please give Logical Heating & Plumbing solutions a plumbing croydon company a call today.

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shower remodel

Ideas for Your Shower Remodel

At Logical Heating & plumbing Solutions, we love to help homeowners to have a complete shower remodel;making their bathrooms a better part of their homes.

Often enough, the homeowners allow the bathroom function to outweigh the home decor. Essentially we need our bathrooms to satisfy our various hygienic needs, including the ability to shower, brush our teeth, and use the toilet. None the less, a bathroom is still part of the home, and should satisfy in a visual manner, and also great functionality. Here are a few tips to help you ensure that this your bathroom function well and look visually pleasing.

There is one great option to consider when remodelling your shower and that is to add an in-wall storage.  This will solve the problem of balancing shampoo bottles and soaps wherever there is a bit of a ledge in the shower. By building shelving space right into the shower wall, though, you can make everything much more stable and convenient, without the hassle of picking everything up when you knock something over. This also helps to keep your shower looking cleaner and more organized, as well as to make showering much more convenient.

An another upgrade to make during your shower remodel is to incorporate sliding or swinging doors onto the shower. This makes accessing your shower a breeze, and you won’t have to worry about unsightly staining on what is supposed to be a clear plastic shower liner. Simply spray down your doors and wipe them off as necessary in order to keep your shower looking sleek.

if your shower is looking a little flat and bland for your tastes, think about adding some tiling to the walls therein. You don’t have to settle for smooth, single coloured inserts, after all. A good tiling job allows your shower to pop while still protecting your walls from water damage. If you think that spicing up the shower with a new tile pattern is a good idea, a shower remodel in your home is well worth considering.

If you have any further enquiries, then feel free to call Logical Heating & Plumbing solutions a plumbing croydon company.

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