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How to Fix a Dripping Tap

I’m sure there are times when as a home owner, you will find those small issue a big nuisance. For example, the issue of leaking tap is just plain annoying. Luckily this nuisance is something you can take care of and with these tips, you will know how to fix a dripping tap.

Take Precautions

The very first thing to remember is to make sure you always turn of the main water tap, as this will avoid flooding risk and wasting water.

When working on the tap, make sure you put the plug into the plug hole to avoid small personal items or tap parts from falling down the sink.

Check Your Washers

Usually the most common cause of faulty dripping tap is overused washers. The washers are found on all moveable joints on a tap, and the issue may simply be that you need a new set of washers. The first thing to do is take apart the tap piece by piece and look for broken washers. If you find broken washers, then replace them with the same sized washer and rebuild the tap.  This does sometimes require a plumber depending on the tap you have and where it is located, and if you are not very confident in doing it yourself, it’s always safest to call a plumber.

Broken Plumbing

The second issue that require more serious attention is broken plumbing. As broken plumbing is caused by faulty pipes, which could be due to wear and tear. Essentially broken plumbing is exactly what it sounds like, it’s pipe works that could have broken or eroded away to allow water to leak. If you have broken pipes in your home, the best solution is to have them replaced by a qualified plumber. It an issue you unable to fix yourself.

Water Pressure

The last issue that can be linked to dripping tap is the water pressure. The water pressure can vary depending on several different factors.  This pressure often builds up and force water out of a seemingly closed tap. This can also happen if there is too little water pressure, allowing the water to sit in the pipes and slowly trickle down. A plumber will be able to diagnose the problem and fix it for you.

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