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3 Ways to Keep Your Drains Clog Free

Slow drains and clogged pipes always seem to happen at the most inappropriate times, and it often lead to larger repairs if they are ignored for a lengthy period of time.  We treat our drains as an “out of sight, out of mind” mind-set.  This is the case when we continuously pour grease down the drain, the grease doesn’t wash away; instead, it will create a clogged drain.

The first step to prevent any headache with clogged drains is to clean them, which is what our expert plumbers specialise in.

After Logical Heating & Plumbing solutions had your drains cleaned, here are some ways to keep your drains clear:

Take protective measures with your garbage disposal. Cold water helps prevent food particles from attaching to the inside of your pipes.  You should flush your kitchen drain with cold water before, during, and after using your garbage disposal.  Additionally, we always advise our customers to follow our garbage disposals tips.  This will help prolong the life of your system!

Pour grease in an empty can, not your drain.  If you love frying your food, resist the urge to pour the remaining grease down your kitchen sink.  Instead, grab a used can to dump the grease in.  Discard the can once the grease has hardened.

Watch what you flush.  Human waste and toilet paper should only be flushed down your toilet.  Invest in sink strainers for your kitchen and bathroom drains.  Keep unwanted particles like food, hair, and other objects out of your drains by using a sink strainer.

Logical heating & Plumbing solutions plumbers are experienced with working on clogged pipes and installing and servicing whole-house plumbing systems. If you are experiencing trouble with your clogged pipes due to various plumbing issues, give us a call on 0208 664 9099.We can help you straight away.

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Top Plumbing Tips That Will Stop Your Pipes from Getting Clogged

Top Plumbing Tips That Will Stop Your Pipes from Getting Clogged

One of the worst thing that can happen within the home is to find your pipes is getting clogged and it’s then needing serious plumbing repairs, this can take a big bite out of your budget.

There is one way to avoid these costly repairs is to have a maintenance plan in place that will reduce or eliminates the issue with your plumbing and to keep the pipes clog free.

Use Washing Machine Lint Filters
This only need to be done if you have a washing machine that empties into a sink, what happen is that overtime you are able to see the lint on the sink or the lint would stick to your drain after water discharges from the machine spin cycle. This is a problem as the lint is beginning to stick to the inside of the pipes and combines with whatever else is coated, overtime the lint begins to harden and get thicker; this will eventually close off the pipe.  A lot of modern lint is made of the biodegradable material so build up lint doesn’t always dissolve with some drain cleaners.

The best preventable action to lint building up is to put a lint trap on the drainage hose of the washing machine. A lot of lint traps are made for laundry machines that empty into the sink; don’t despair as there is a solution that is able to fit onto the drainage hoses that empty directly into a pipe in the wall. These hose lint traps are very inexpensive and are fairly easy to install yourself.

Don’t pour grease down your drain
If you are cooking a fatty meats meal such as sausages, beef and bacon, you will get grease in the pan.  The thicker the grease, the more it will stick to the surfaces of the pipes.  The biggest problem with grease is that when you pour it down the drain in it liquid form, it will begin to solidify inside the pipes and eventually stuck to the surface and cement itself.  To prevent grease build-up, never pour it down the drain but instead wipe it out with a paper towel or pour it into a jar and dispose it the trash.

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