Could a New Boiler Help Save You Money?

Could a New Boiler Help Save You Money?

If you have an old boiler in the home, you may be wondering whether you will need a new boiler. The answer will depend on how old it is.

If it was fitted after 2010, it should be A-rated. Alternatively, it should have an efficiency level of at least 88%. This is significantly better than many other boilers produced before 2010, which could have a much lower efficiency rating.

So to find out when your existing boiler was fitted, you’ll need to found out the make and model of the boiler. You can usually find out this out by a simple internet search and then you should find the correct information you will need to know.

From A-rated to G-rated

The colour-coded SEDBUK scale is the one to be aware of here. SEDBUK stands for the Seasonal Efficiency of Domestic Boilers in the UK. In order to get the top A-rating, a boiler must have an efficiency level of 90% or more. The next level down is a B-rating. This means the boiler will be efficient to between 86% and 90%.

Then of course you have the lowest rating of all, which is the G-rating. If you’ve done your homework and you’ve realised your boiler fits into this category, you’re looking at an efficiency level of less than 70%. As you can see, even if your boiler is 70% efficient and no lower, this is still likely to be over 20% less efficient than an A-rated boiler. That could be having a significant effect on your bills.

So is it worth installing a new boiler?

Lots of different factors will come into play here. If you do have a G-rated boiler and you swapped it out for an A-rated one, you’d notice a difference in your energy bills. Less energy would be wasted by the boiler, meaning you’d get a better performance from it.

Of course, you have to think about whether you can afford to have a brand new boiler. It might help to get a quote for a new one, so you can see whether it would make good financial sense to get one fitted. If you’re about to move it won’t be worth it, but if you’re intending to stay in your property for a while and you’re unimpressed with the existing boiler, it could be time for a change.

Although you’ll have the initial cost to bear, you will see a difference in lower heating bills. That means you’ll start to recoup the cost straightaway. If you combine the new boiler with some smart energy-saving moves as well, you might be surprised at the difference it could make.

Get a quote from Logical Heating & Plumbing solutions, a boiler service croydon company today if you’re interested in a better boiler.

We can provide a no-obligation quote at no cost at all, so it’s entirely up to you whether you go ahead with the work. It does at least put you in a position of knowledge, so you’ll know whether a better boiler could be just the thing to add to your home. With an eye on drought-proofing and dropping the thermostat by one degree too, you can make real changes and improvements in your home.

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boiler service annually

The Importance of Having An Boiler Service Annually

Do you have your boiler service annually? Having a boiler service annually may be more vital than you originally thought, especially if you are a business owner or Landlord but even for the safety of your own home.

Here are a few reasons as to why having a boiler service annually is so important:

Many insurance policies and boiler warranties state that your boiler should be safe to use. Carrying out an annual boiler service will meet most of these requirements ensuring that the boiler is safe and keeping it in line with warranty.

If you are a business owner/Landlord you are legally obliged to keep all gas appliances maintained and safe to use.A boiler service alongside the required gas safety check will ensure that you have an overall record of regularly checking your boiler and keeping it safe.

One of the most important reasons to have an annual service comes down to the safety of lives. If a boiler is poorly maintained or incorrectly installed this could lead to the leakage of carbon monoxide which is an extremely harmful and dangerous gas.

Servicing the boiler will flag up any signs of carbon monoxide leaks which will be attended to straight away, therefore leaving you with a safe environment. We would also highly recommend installing a Carbon Monoxide Alarm which would be able to detect any leakages.

Yes, you heard it. Making sure your boiler is working correctly and efficiently can save money on future bills.Logical Heating & Plumbing Solutions a boiler serviced croydon company  can make sure your boiler is achieving maximum efficiency and is not wasting energy. During a service, any minor issues that are found would be repaired which would decrease any significant malfunctions and repair costs in the future.

If you haven’t had your boiler service annually this year then give us a call on 0208 664 9099. Make sure to spread the word and keep your friends and family safe this winter.

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home heating boiler

Everything You Need to Know About Your Home Heating Boiler

The coldness you are feeling could be due to your home heating boiler breaking down. Especially If you are new homeowner and if you are unsure on how to warm up your property, then here is a brief guide to help you.

Imagine this scenario, where one evening at home you find yourself a little bit on the chilly side. At first you think nothing is wrong and the solution is to put on a jumper. However soon after you find that you are not warming up and in fact the room and you are getting colder.

What is a home heating boiler and how does it work?

A home heating boiler two main functions are to heat your home and also your water supply. Every boiler is equipped with a burner. The fuel the burner use is either natural gas or oil and it to power the boiler and create the necessary steam to heat your home.

Natural gas is supplied through a specialized pipe and released into the boiler, oil is sent through a pressurized tank. These fuel sources mix with the air and ignite to create enough heat to boil the water and produce steam.

Inside your home heating boiler is water. The burned fuel combines with the water to create steam.  Ultimately, it’s steam that heats your home through radiators, under-floor vents, baseboards and specialized pipes that run throughout your home.  Some steam stays inside the boiler; otherwise, your home becomes overheated.

Are home heating boilers as popular as they once were?  Definitely not.  In fact, most older boilers have been replaced by electric or gas-fired forced air heating systems.

But that doesn’t mean that a home heating boiler isn’t still a good investment.  Gas boilers, in fact, are both highly energy efficient and durable.  Condensing boilers (one of three types) are the most efficient and produce the least amount of greenhouse gases.

To find out more give Logical Heating & Plumbing Solutions a boiler repair bromley company, a call.

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