Is it Time to Replace Your Toilet

Is it Time to Replace Your Toilet and Bathroom Plumbing?

When it come to think about something like your bathroom plumbing, it’s a never fun thought and something you would often put to the bottom of the to-do-list.

Unfortunately, ignoring potential bathroom plumbing problems can lead to an expensive, messy issue that will be a nightmare to clear up. It might be unpleasant to think about, but your bathroom plumbing such as something like the toilet is as important as any other appliance within the home. But how do you know when it’s time to contact Logical Heating & Plumbing Solutions to replace your toilet?

Cracks in Your Toilet Tank

Have you notice a puddle of water around your toilet? While this may be a simple leak, it could be the sign of something more worrying. There potentially is a crack in your toilet tank, which is something that may be repaired as soon as possible.

Don’t be fooled if your toilet is still working properly. A toilet that still flushes well, isn’t clogging up, and isn’t constantly running may still have cracks or any other issues. It’s better to be safe than sorry and at least have it looked at.

Your Toilet Is Aging

Unfortunately aging toilets are naturally going to work less efficiently than newer ones, which will eventually reflect on your water bill. Newer model of toilet have resulted in toilets using significantly less water.

If your toilet hasn’t been replaced since the property was first built, it may very well be time to consider a replacement.

Your Toilet Is Wobbly

Is your toilet unsteady? You may just need to have some bolts tightened, which is a fairly easy fix. However, it could also mean that a leak or some other problem has caused the floor underneath to become damaged or start rotting, which requires professional repair. Call a Logical Heating & Plumbing Solutions a plumbing bromley company right away if you discover this issue.

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How to clear a Blocked Shower Drain

How to Clear a Blocked Shower Drain Without Calling A Plumber

Blocked shower drain is one of the most common problems you will come across in your bathroom. If it’s completely blocked and the water simply isn’t draining, then you have a problem with your drains and it needs to be looked into.

The drain in the shower may be slow if the drains are not completed blocked. This can gradually leads to slippery build up of soap foams as well as old hairs and dead skins at the bottom of the shower drain. This can leads to slippery flooring and wet surfaces. Therefore you might need to actually clear your drain before any accident occurs. Clearing your blocked shower drain is very simple and you usually do not need to call out any professional plumbing.  Here are a DIY techniques to help you clears the blocked shower drain.

The very first step is to examine the root cause of the shower blockage by checking thoroughly if you can spot the actual cause of blockage. Remove the chrome cover of your waste. To remove you can merely lift it up or unscrew it, whatever suits to your type of waste. You can also pull out the plug in case you have an old school plug with chain variety.
The main cause is usually soap foams or the build up of old hairs. So if you witness the hair blockage try to get an access to hairs and pull them out carefully. You can also use a coat hanger or any other grabbing tool to perform the job.
The plunger is the next step to clear a blocked drain. You will need a ‘cup’  size plunger for clearing a shower blockage. You’ll need to have enough water in the bath or shower tray to completely submerge the cup of the plunger. Too much water and you’ll make a splashy mess, so use a bucket to remove the excess if you’re drain isn’t clearing at all.
Though how to unblock a shower through this method is a nasty business yet better than paying a huge amount to the plumber.

To find out more information please give Logical Heating & Plumbing solutions a plumbing croydon company a call today.

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When to Replace Your Toilet

When to Replace Your Toilet

There is more to think about when replacing a toilet than simply whether it has stood the test of time. For example, water costs and impact on the environment are now a consideration for all homeowners. The question is how do you know when it’s time to replace your toilet?

Here are our top five reasons to change your toilet:

 Cracked Porcelain

To put it simple porcelain can crack at any time. If you have a hairline crack, it’s best to change your toilet as soon as possible. If the toilet crack gets any bigger, you may be looking at expensive repairs and extensive damage to your home.

 Chipped or Scratched Porcelain

If the porcelain comes into contact with a metal surface, it will often chip. It might be an idea to replace your toilet as the protective coating on the clay will be removed, as there is a possibility for the toilet to absorb water and liquids at this point.

Scratches are more common with porcelain toilet as it could be worn away due to cleaning. If your toilet seems to require more cleaning, this may be the cause, scratched surfaces are more difficult to keep clean.

 When You’re Ready to Save Money

Newer toilets have lower volumes of water in their tank reservoirs. If you want to save on your water bill, considering getting a ‘low flush’ style toilet. Over the course of a year, you will notice the savings.

Frequent Plunging Required

If you are noticing that you have reach for your plunger more and more, then perhaps it’s time to consider replacement. Oftentimes older toilets become more susceptible to blockages.


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What to Do if Your Toilet Is Leaking or Overflowing

What to Do if Your Toilet Is Leaking or Overflowing

When it comes to toilet plumbing problems in the home, it doesn’t get any worse than the occasional clog. Even a minor crack such as something in the bowl or seal can cause massive water damage over a long enough period of time. If you do discover a major problem with your toilet, like if it is cracked or overflowing, read on to find out what you should do.

Turn Off the Water

The first thing you need to do is to shut off the water. However as far as toilet emergencies go, you don’t necessarily need to turn off water to the entire house, so locate the valve for the bathroom. The shut off valve should be either on the wall behind the toilet or around the base. If you can’t find any valve for the bathroom, you may then have to shut off water to the entire house.

Clear the Area

Even a small amount of water can damage furniture and other objects around your house beyond repair. It’s best to clear the area to limit the damage as much as possible as this will also help your plumber to reach the problem more easily when he or she shows up to fix it.

Mop Up

It might be the case where you may not be able to solve the problem on your own, however at least you can clean up the water puddles around the surrounding area. Once you have made sure that no new water can spill out, mop up what you can and wait for your plumber to arrive.

Logical heating & Plumbing solutions is experienced with working on toilet plumbing and installing and servicing a new plumbing systems. If you are experiencing trouble with your toilet plumbing due to unexpected problems. Give us a call on 0208 664 9099.We can help you straight away.

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3 Common Problems Requiring Toilet Repair

3 Common Problems Requiring Toilet Repair

A toilet repair represents one of the most common plumbing problem in the home. The toilet is usually a reliable appliance, but as it’s used so frequently and as it’s arguably the most important component within your home; repairs tend to be urgency.

A plumber can usually correct any problem you might encounter with your toilet, however here is a list of the 3 most common problems requiring toilet repair.

  • Leaks. This most often appear in the plumbing line between the toilet tank and your central plumbing system. The plumbing line itself can wear out after a time, or you may experience a problem with the valve or seal connecting to a larger component. This is actually a fairly easy repair to make for a plumber, who can drain the tank, replace the line and fix the leak in short order. A trickier situation occurs when the bowl itself suffers damage, or the tank has sprung a leak. In those cases, you usually need to have the entire toilet replaced.
  • Moans and whistles. Unusual noises such as a moans and whistles are a sure sign that something’s is wrong with your toilet. This usually result from a faulty cock and ball valve. A damaged valve will sometimes vibrate when the water refills, or let out a low moan when high water pressure puts stress on it. You can solve the problem by having the valve replaced.
  • Strange water fillings. When the flapper valves wear out, water will leak from the tank into the water line. When the water level drops to a certain point, the toiler starts running and the tank refills. Not only can this be very annoying, but you would be paying for all that lost water in higher bills. A plumber can replace the flapper valve and restore the toilet to its normal functions.

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