A Guide on Bathroom Fixtures

A Guide on Bathroom Fixtures

The choice of having your dream bathroom is now a reality for a lot of homeowners as there are now bathroom fixtures for every themes and designs imaginable.

However faucet and sinks are among the last bathroom fixtures to be sorted out when installing a new sink.

But, that does not mean you need to wait till the very last minutes before you can make any decisions on the type of faucets and sinks you can fit. There are many choices when it comes to bathroom fixture. But you need to take the time and decide on the best fixtures for your bathroom.

Get the Bathroom You Want

You can easily arrive at the right decision after you develop a clear plan on what you will like to have. You can decide to have photos from a magazine about the sink and fixtures which you will prefer in your home. The photos will make it easy for your interior designer to guide you to a place where you can buy the fixture easily.

Make the Faucet the Focal Point

You need to pay more attention to the faucet. A faucet will make the bathroom stand out. Many people are willing to spend more on faucets after they realize they are focal points in any bathroom. There are several options of faucets available.

Types of faucets include:

Wide-spread faucet

The faucet has separate spouts for cold and warm water. The faucets are available from 6 to 20 inch drilling. They require three holes.

Two-handle center set

The spout and handles are combined at a single base. The valves are 4 inches apart. Each valve will require a separate sink or counter top.

Single set

It is a counter set but has a single mixing handle and spout. It will require one hole.


It pairs well with above the counter sinks. It can as well do well with freestanding basins. It requires separate wall mount and drain installation. It makes sink cleaning easier.

Cross the Finish Line

The type of finish you will choose will depend on the bathroom style. If you are working on traditional and contemporary spaces, oil rubbed bronze will work well. Chrome is least expensive if you will like to save on cost.

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