Springtime Heating, Plumbing And Electrical Tips

Springtime Heating Plumbing And Electrical Tips

It seems that spring has finally sprung across the UK and your pipes are leaking and heaters are failing? Here are some plumbing and electrical tips to help you.

Sadly, it’s true. With the arrival of spring and the inevitable spring showers come many more opportunities for water, damp and seepage to get into your home, damaging your investment and potentially causing illness. You may also notice that your boiler, exhausted from a long winter heating your home to a comfortable temperature, is now becoming susceptible to problems, acting unreliably and even ceasing to work at all. It may be time to hire the services of a plumber or heating repair technician in Bromley.

Springtime checklist for plumbing and electrical in your home

Even if everything in your home seems to running in tip top shape, the warmer, milder weather means that this is the perfect time to do a full inspection of your plumbing and heating needs. This way, if you find any problems you can quickly have the addressed by  an electrician bromley company over the warmer months of the summer. Nothing is worse than finding out too late – as in during the first cold snap of next fall! Prevention is key – and will save you time, headache and money in the long run.

  • Check your faucets and showerheads for leaks and drips – remember any garden taps! Having a Bromley based plumber fix these leaks will save you money and prevent future water damage.
  • Ensure your gutters and drains are free from potentially clogging debris that could cause flooding and water damage in the future
  • Take note of any slow to empty drains in your house and garden – this potentially disastrous problem can be easily fixed with our powerflush service
  • Add filters and hair-catchers to each of your drains, especially in the shower!
  • Test flush each toilet in the house. They should flush smoothly and easily, with no jiggling of the handle required. A poorly functioning toilet is a future disaster waiting to happen, and could be costing you money in the meantime.
  • Clean your showerhead by immersing it in a bag of white vinegar and attaching the bag with a rubber band. Leave for 24 hours, and all scales and residue will be gone, and your shower will be back to peak performance.
  • Take note of any sockets that are unreliable or not functioning at all. These need to be looked at immediately by an electrician to prevent fire.

 Preparing for the months ahead

Springtime is the perfect time to install services in your home that will benefit you in the coming summer and for next winter.

  • Solar Panels – These incredible, money-saving solar panels are easily installed in the spring summer months, as this is time of year that they will be able to harness the most energy from sunny skies. That said, don’t worry – even if you live in cloudy Bromley, solar panel installation is a smart choice year round as it can utilise the sun’s rays even on cloudy days. Solar panels in Bromley can more than halve your electricity bills – and sometimes even reduce them to nil! In some cases, you can sell excess power back to the grid – contact us today for more information.
  • Under floor heating – During the spring months we can finally turn down the thermostat and prepare for warmth ahead. But how about preparing for next winter, now? Under floor heating provides a luxurious, comforting surface on which to walk on even the coldest days of next winter. Come next January, you will thank yourself for your smart, forward thinking this spring!

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