The Reasons for A Lazy Toilet

lazy toilet

The issue of having a lazy toilet is something we see very often, especially with older toilets. This is due to toilets often get clog regularly or is slow to remove materials which will have restricted water flow.

Ideally toilets are designed to allow a large amount of water into the bowl at once. That water will be forced to exit the bowl just as quickly. When the toilet becomes lazy (slow) in passing the water into the sewer main, it might mean a material build-up within the toilet itself. What the homeowner will notice is that the water level will rise slowly in the bowl and exit slowly. It’s possible that it may leave materials in the bowl requiring multiple flushes to clear the bowl.

Over time, the water minerals can form on the interior of the toilet. These deposits can be a grey or black in colour., These may form on the smooth glazed portions of the toilet and especially on rougher unglazed portions on the interior of the toilet.

If this issue with the toilet left for long periods of time, cleaning these water deposits can be very difficult. This is something we have notice that when homeowners have attempted to use chemicals with no effect. They may resort to more brute force tactics such as using sand paper or nail files. If rough abrasive materials are used to remove deposits on the toilet, it often causes irreversible damage. Often when the glaze has been removed, the exposed porcelain will begin to absorb water. This weakens the toilet and may cause a leak within the home.

If the toilet is slow to flush and remove materials from the bowl, call Logical Heating & Plumbing Solutions  first to diagnose the issue. We have the proper equipment and experience to make a professional recommendation.

The option for the homeowner who wants to try a chemical solution to remove material deposits, we recommend using vinegar. It is safer for the environment than some of the harsher chemicals on the market. Do keep in mind that this is not a quick process.

Pouring vinegar in the bowl means leaving the toilet unused overnight and repeat the process for several days. Over time, it’s possible that the materials will weaken and detach so they may be flushed into the sewer main.

Alternatively, toilet replacement is a routine and fairly inexpensive task. Contact Logical Heating & Plumbing solutions if you are experiencing slow moving OR frequently clogging toilets. We’d be happy to help get things moving again.

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