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A powerflush clears away any sediment and sludge that has built up within your pipework and radiators so that your central heating system can work as efficiently as possible. An engineer will connect a pump to your system and will push chemicals through the pipework that break down and remove any built-up sediment and sludge. At the end of the process, a corrosion inhibitor will be added to your central heating system in order to prevent rust from forming in the future. Our powerflushing service covers London, Surrey, and Kent.

Why powerflush your pipework and radiators?

  • Address a lack of maintenance If your central heating system hasn’t been maintained regularly, it will have built up sediment and sludge that reduces its efficiency. A powerflush removes all of this and gets your heating working as well as it possibly can.
  • Improve efficiency Removing all the sediment from your system allows it to heat up quicker, to heat up more evenly, and to reach hotter temperatures. The more efficient your system is, the more money you’ll save on running costs
  • Prepare for a new installation Cleaning out your pipework and radiators will make sure that your home is ready for the installation of your new boiler. Otherwise, any sediment that has built up within the system could end up damaging or reducing the efficiency of your new boiler.
  • Lasting improvement You should see the benefits of a powerflush for a long time. As long as you regularly maintain your boiler and central heating system so that you stay on top of any issues in future, a powerflush should have a lasting impact.

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When do you need to powerflush your system?

A powerflush is recommended when a central heating system has been poorly maintained or is due to be upgraded. There are several signs that your system could benefit from a powerflush, including:

  • Cold areas at the bottom of radiators
  • Excessive noise from the boiler or radiators
  • Some radiators do not heat as well as others
  • Radiators struggle to heat up, even though the pipework gets hot
  • Bleeding the radiators produces discoloured water
  • The boiler frequently shuts down and needs to be restarted

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What sets our powerflushing
service apart?

Thorough approach

Your pipework and radiators will be comprehensively cleaned and steps will be taken to make sure that any future build-up is minimised. Our engineers install magnetic filters and add a corrosion inhibitor to your system as part of the service so that the results last longer.

Latest technology

We invest in the latest powerflushing machines so that you benefit from a more effective service and receive better results. Not only does this give you better value for your money by removing more of the sediment, you’re less likely to need another powerflush in the future.

Competitive pricing

We regularly benchmark our prices against our competitors to make sure that you pay the best possible price for our powerflushing service. And if you’re offered a cheaper price elsewhere, contact us and, where possible, we’ll match their price. Choosing us guarantees an excellent service, and excellent prices.


We’re clear on the situations where your central heating system will benefit from a powerflush and we’ll only offer the service when it’s needed. Other than installing a new boiler, a powerflush should be used as a reactive treatment that addresses poor maintenance. It isn’t just an optional add-on service.

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