Power Flushing The Heating System

Power Flushing The Heating System

If you are experiencing problems with your central heating system, remember that a lot can be solved by simply power flushing the heating system.

Cleaning the central heating system is essential to its longevity, and the method of power flushing is popular due to the comprehensive clean it delivers.

You may need to clean the system if you are experiencing one or a combination of problems such as:

• Slow warming of the heating system.
• Some radiators not warming up at all, others with cold spots.
• Boiler cuts out regularly.
• Leaky radiators.
• Sludge in feed or expansion tank.
• Discoloured water when radiators are bled.

When hiring a plumber, they should be able to solve these problems and may recommend a power flush for the heating system.
The primary aim of power flushing the central heating is to remove all the sludge (iron oxide) which results in the radiators not heating up properly and generally blocks all the pipe work connecting the boiler to the radiators.

Removing the sludge and blockage involves draining the central heating system down and introducing chemicals. Once this process is done, the system is cleaned with fresh water and an inhibitor is added for future protection.
How successful is power flushing? It all depends on the level of heating system corrosion that has occurred beforehand, as it can cure most circulation problems but cannot undo corrosion and gradual decay.

Heating systems which have been neglected over a period of time or have not been treated with an effective corrosion inhibitor may have compacted corrosion debris in the pipe work, radiators or boiler. It is possible that even after the power flush some heating systems may not be fully effective or may cease to work due to the amount of sludge and debris breaking loose and collecting in the heat exchanger.

When you hire Logical Heating And Plumbing Solutions ltd you will be advised on the pros and cons of power flushing and all plumbers will be qualified and insured to carry out the work you have requested.

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