Possible causes of noisy plumbing within the home

Possible causes of noisy plumbing within the home

At the dead of night, hearing the sound of banging, rattling or vibrating coming through the quiet house will make you think you have a ghost. However, there is a more down to earth explanation, and you might be wondering on the causes of the noisy plumbing within the home.

These noises often don’t indicate that there is a problem and can be quietened quite easily. Here are three possible causes of noisy plumbing within the home:

Water Hammers

Water hammers often occur when water is inexpertly forced to change direction, particularly when you use appliances that require a lot of water in order to function, such as kitchen sink and toilet. Water hammers can also occur when you turn off a tap in your home.  What this mean is when you open the water tap, valves inside the pipes open up too so that the water can flow through. When you turn off the tap, the valves close up again and the water pipes are suddenly deprived of air. To help cushioning the water pressure, air is important to help pressured the pipes. So if the air is suddenly reduced the pipes cannot control the pressure and a water hammer can occur.

To prevent a water hammers happening, try closing your water taps slowly. This will help to control the water pressure. You could also try draining your plumbing system. Often in modern property air chambers are installed to cushion the water, but sometimes these chambers can be filled with water and need to be drained. Once they have been drained, this can sometimes solve the problem of noisy pipes.

Loose Water Pipes

If pipes aren’t securely secured in place, the pipes can move around when water is flowing through them. This is why these loud plumbing noises are more common in older houses. If this is what is causing the noise in your home, it can be solved by attaching the pipes to the walls. A plumber will be able to help you locate the problem and fix it so you can have a more peaceful home. The pipes should also be checked for cracks and leaks in case these are the cause of the pipes becoming loose.

High Water Pressure

The plumbing in the home can get noisy when water is pushed into your appliances at a too high pressure, but this doesn’t just make an annoying noise it can also cause problems with your appliance’s internal components.

If you have a water pressure gauge, you can check the water pressure yourself. You may even have a water pressure regulator, and if you don’t have one you can buy one but you will need a plumber to install it for you.

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