Plumbing Tips You Can Do At Home

plumbing Tips

I’m sure that as homeowner; learning plumbing tips have never been a top priority. However,you wake one day and the drain is clogged, or the toilet won’t flush, or you might find there’s no hot water either.

Maybe not quite a nightmare scenario, but it is still helpful to learn some basic plumbing skills. For anything that you are unable to fix yourself it would be a good idea to call LHPS in to help you.

Take a look at these tips about how to do some basic plumbing; it will serve you if a problem does arise within the home.

  • When choosing the right drain cleaner, be aware that some drain cleaners have strong chemicals that can damage the pipes and are also toxic for humans. Read the label and always use rubber gloves and protective clothes.
  • As summer ends and the colder weather creeps in, do remember your garden hose. Remove the garden hose from the spigots as if you don’t disconnect, you may damage your connected garden pipes.
  • If your home has copper pipes, do be aware that they can expand when hot water runs through them. This means pipes won’t fit properly with pipe hangers and can cause damage and deterioration of the pipes. To stop this from happening, put tape around your pipes, and then you can put it back into the hanger.
  • If you find there’s a block toilet, the first thing to consider is the flapper as a the potential troublemaker.  The flapper within the toilet deteriorates over time which leads to leaks or blockage. The first thing to do is start checking that your chain pressure is right, and if it is, you probably have to replace the flapper, since it could be worn.
  • If the drain on your washing machine overflows, use a pipe snake to try to clear the clog. Sometimes lint and small things from the machine will build up and make it back up.

Before you start anything, do know your plumbing tools and read up on how to use them before you start on anything. Make sure that, before you jump in and start taking things apart, you plan your plumbing repair first.

If you find that nothing will work, then call us at Logical Heating & Plumbing Solutions and we can send someone over to take a look.

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