Plumbing Tips for Homeowners

Plumbing Tips for Homeowners

Save Money by Fixing a Running Toilet:

Often the biggest plumbing tips comes from an overused fixture. As toilets can run or leak without you even knowing it. If you hear your toilet comes on sometimes, you may have a slow leak that is costing money each month.

The water valve needs to stop after each flush and will remain closed until the next flush. The back of a toilet has changed over the years but many still use the floating ball and flapper method and over time both of these will wear out. They can be replaced with new units or with new and improved inexpensive hardware. Another possible issue may be the chain that connects the handle with the flapper. If it falls, then your toilet will not flush so just simply reconnect it; you can lift the flapper manually until it’s replace. The back of the toilet only contains clean water. If the chain is too tight, it will prevent the flapper from closing properly resulting in a loss of water and added expense to your monthly bill.

How to Unclog Your Kitchen Sink:

The first step is, to unplug your garbage disposal prior to checking. The next step is to use a long spoon to pull any debris. Whatever you do never ever stick your hand into the disposal. After pulling the debris out, run hot water for a 1-2 minutes, then switch your disposal on and run cold water to see if the clog is still there.

To those who don’t have a garbage disposal unit, use a plunger to free the clog. If you have a dual sink which means that you may have to cover/close one side of your sink when using a plunger. You can you the stopper or a wet cloth to cover the drink as this will create more pressure so that the clog can be dislodged.

Keep Your Shower Head Working Like New:

It might be the case that you live in a region that is known for its high mineral content in the water. This mention as shower heads require regular cleaning. If you notice streams of water dripping or flowing incorrectly, you will likely have to clean the head.

To do this is a very easy task, carefully remove the head with the appropriate tools and place it in some warm vinegar for approximately 45 minute to an hour. If any mineral deposits still remain, use a toothbrush and gently scrub the deposit away, rinse the shower head and re-attach it.

Prevent Damage to Your Home Caused by a Leaky Pipe:

If you notice a pipe is leaking the first thing you should do is turn off the water supply. You can wrap a sheet of rubber around the section of pipe as a temporary fix until you contact Logical Heating & Plumbing Solutions.

Most major leaks are beyond the average homeowner to repair. Small leaks can be stopped temporarily until you a call the plumber, but these should never be left unattended – if may affect any insurance claims if damage were to occur


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