It is only recently that Solar Panels have become cost effective for customers. With the cost of materials and the cost of installation reducing, they are now low enough for customers to benefit from them.

Many people are often mistaken in thinking that solar panels will not work on a cloudy day. This is in fact not correct. Solar panels will work for up to 80% of the year and for the remaining 20%, your water temperature will still be significantly raised so that your boiler does not have to work quite so hard. This will therefore also reduce your energy bills.

Logical Heating & Plumbing solutions have been installing Solar Hot Water Systems since 1998 and recognise the need to help reduce carbon emissions and offer lower energy bills to our customers. We are registered approved installers of Worcester, Bosch and Vaillant and all of our Solar Installations team are fully qualified heating engineers who have attended and succeeded at BPEC recognised solar courses. We are also Accredited MCS Approved installers. (Microgeneration Certification Scheme Approved.)

There are of course pitfalls if you chose not to use Approved Solar installation companies. Unqualified, unregistered installers are on the increase throughout the country, making false promises that Solar Panels will give you free hot water. This is not correct. You can expect your fuel bill to be significantly reduced by up to 65% but this will depend on other factors as well.

We are not a company who will hard-sell you into buying anything you will not benefit from nor will we fill you with facts and figures that are untrue. We will offer you a quality solar heating system that we know you can afford, that will deliver on your expectations of reducing carbon emissions and also save you money.

We will send a qualified Solar Surveyor to inspect your property and explain the benefits of Solar Water Heating to you in terms that you can understand. The Surveyor will check that it can actually be installed and that your local council will not be opposing the installation and also make sure that it will be beneficial for you to do so. It is only when these have been checked and agreed that you will be sent your Survey Results, official quotation and technical literature. You will then be left to make an informed choice in your own time without a salesperson constantly harassing you for a sale.

Solar Heating panels will extend the life of your boiler. You will save not only on your fuel bill but up to as much as 65% on your hot water bill. Making it an attractive return on your initial investment over a period of time. They are therefore kinder to the environment by making a noticeable contribution towards helping to make it cleaner by reducing carbon emissions.

If you decide that you wish to proceed with installing our Solar Powered System, you will be able to book a time that is convenient for you. Scaffolding will need to be erected by our Independent Approved Scaffolders. Our own Installation Team will install the panels to your roof which are then weathered by our roofers to ensure that your roof is still weather proof.

Your existing hot water storage tank will be completely drained. A new twin coil hot water tank will be installed and reconnected to your existing water and heating supplies as per the manufacturers guidelines. The Solar Pump Station will be installed in the agreed position. All controls to various components and wiring will be reconnected in accordance with Industry Regulations.

The system will then be filled and tested and you will be shown how to use the system correctly in order to gain the maximum benefit. The scaffolding will only be taken down once the installation has been completed.