As a Landlord, you have a legal requirement to guarantee that all gas appliances that are made available to your tenants for their use are safe and covered by a Gas Safety Certificate.

Since the Gas Safety (Installations and Use) Regulations 1998, Landlords have a duty to ensure gas appliances, pipe work, fittings, chimneys and flues are safe and regularly maintained.
Gas appliances should be inspected and serviced annually to maintain their safety. This inspection needs to be carried out by a Gas Safe Registered company. This will instill confidence that their tenants are safe against possible harm from Carbon Monoxide and other possible gas safety problems.
In order for a Gas Safety Certificate to be issued, the Inspector will have to check that all safety devices are working correctly. That any ventilation routes are working properly and are clear to allow any harmful gases to be removed from the appliance safely to the air outside. They will ensure that all gas appliances are burning correctly on the right setting and at the correct operating pressure. Any defects which require remedial work will be identified.
At Logical Heating & Plumbing Solutions, all of our Engineers are fully qualified and Gas Safe Registered, and are therefore able and authorised to issue a Gas Safety Certificate upon satisfactory completion of the inspection. Any remedial work that is required to be completed before the issue of the Certificate will be made known to the Landlord in order for the work to be carried out.
Landlords are also responsible for ensuring that a Gas Safety Check is carried out within 12 months of the installation of a new appliance or flue which has been provided and annually thereafter by a Gas Safe Registered Engineer.