A new home can end up costing you a fortune. Safeguard yourself and have a buyers report carried out on your potential property.

When you are about to purchase a property we can carry out a full buyers report. A buyers report will involve us completing a full inspection of the gas pipework, heating system and plumbing throughout the property.

What we will do is –

  • Test the gas pipework for any leaks/escapes.
  • Fire up and check the boiler and gas appliances and give a full report on the age and condition of all the appliances.
  • Check and report on gas fires, radiators, water heaters and plumbing.
  • We will provide a quotation for any remedial works required.

This report safeguards your safety and protects you financially from any unexpected problems.
It will also enable you to negotiate for any remedial work that will bring your new property up to the correct regulations/standards.