What Plumbing Do I Need For A Dishwasher?

Here we’ll explain in short, what you need to do when you get a new dishwasher or washing machine – essentially the plumbing in of these two fittings are the same.

Most new machines only require a cold water feed, so you won’t need to worry about fitting a hot water feed. There will be waste water pipe which will need access to a drain and you’ll also need a standard plug socket.

Got all that? Great, let’s get fitting.

If you already have a dishwasher then the process will only involve changing over the pipes and plugging in your appliance, however if you are installing one of these appliances for the first time then you’ll need to find a suitable location for it.

The best place tends to be as close to the sink as possible as you’ll have all the plumbing in place already that you’ll need.

Connecting the cold water feed

For installing for the first time you’ll need some Self Cutting Valves and your property will need 15mm copper water pipes.

Stage 1

Find your nearest water pipe

Stage 2
Take your Self Cutting Valve, place the back plate behind the pipe and fit the top piece on the front. Screw the two together with the nuts provided. Make sure the value is turned off.

Stage 3

Tighten accordingly so the valve cuts into the pipe.

Stage 4

Attach the hose from the washing machine. If your water pipe is too far away and you find that your hose isn’t long enough, it’s possible to buy another hose and a connector to join them together – this will solve this problem.

That’s complete, now your wastewater.

Connecting the wastewater feed

The easiest method of removing the waste water is to connect it to your sink waste pipe.

Stage 1

Locate your sink waste pipe.

Stage 2

You’ll need a trap which fits your waste water pipe provided with your new appliance, if it isn’t large enough you may need to buy a one with a larger inlet.

Stage 3

You’ll need to position the hose so it runs higher than the sink overflow, this will ensure that no waste water can flow back into the appliance.

Stage 4

If you’re install a dishwasher you’ll need to ensure the feet are level in line with the floor surface it sits on. By correctly adjusting the feet of the appliance, it will prevent any unnecessary movements. If not properly fitted during a washing machine cycle the appliance could move too much and could cause irreparable damage.

That’s it! You can pat yourself on the back, turn the water back on and put the kettle on.

If you are still confused then you can give Logical Heating & Plumbing Solutions  a call today.

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professional electrician croydon

What Are The Signs Of An Electrical Issue In the Home?

Here is a short guide on one of the home most common problems – the electric. Having electric problems in the home is no fun, so how to overcome this with Logical Heating & Plumbing Solutions.

Electrical issues are a pain in the neck, especially when nothing seems to be working. This short guide will discuss a few key appliances that everyone within the home should be mindful of. Many electrical issues do require a professional electrician to look at it; don’t be afraid to give us a call.

Circuit Breaker Issues

Circuit breakers are designed to trip when a circuit is overloaded and overheated. The circuit breaker also prevents wires from starting a fire in your home.

  • If your breaker has tripped, it might be a good idea to try plugging in appliances into a different circuit so the supply isn’t overloaded.
  • Have a breaker that is frequently tripping? It’s best to call LHPS immediately. Even if you shut off your main breaker, power still enters the panel, so if you’ve never worked inside an electrical panel, this is why we ask you to call an experienced professional electrician.

Flickering Lights

Flickering lights are a sign of a defective or loose bulb. If you replaced the bulb and the problem wasn’t solved, there could be two probable issues:

  • the fault may be in the light fixture
  • the connections to the fixture or the wiring in the circuit breaker box may be loose

Both of these issues should be consulted by our professional electrician.

Light Switches/Electrical Outlets Not Working

Light switches that don’t work like normal are another example that you have an electrical problem. Here’s how:

  • The wiring may be loose or be cracked internally.
  • If a plug is loose as in the plug partially falls out, a person could accidentally receive a shock when unplugging the cord

If you think you have faulty light switches or electrical outlets, our professional electrician will inspect your wiring to determine whether any loose connections exist, and replace defective ones.

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bathroom safety

A Guide for the Elderly on how to Improve Bathroom Safety

As we age bathroom safety can cause major anxiety. The bathroom was once a relaxing peaceful room in the home, now it can be dangerous if the bathroom is not suitably adapted for elderly needs.

For example, the floor can become slippery, and then there are wet surfaces and small confined spaces to move around in.

It is no wonder that bathroom accidents are one of the most common causes of injury for elderly people at home.

The  bathroom safety issues may be a concerned to a family members or even yourself. So the only solutions might be is to undergo a bathroom transformation. However this can be expensive and also unnecessary to do.

There is a simpler solution, and here is a brief guide on an alternative route you can take on the bathroom.  This will help prevent any unavoidable injuries to an elderly person.

Safety check the floor

Make sure the bathroom floor is always dry. As many accident occur for the elderly around the bath tub, shower or sink. This occurs where spit water has made the floor slippery. So a simple solution is to purchase a non slip mat which can help overcome this problem by increasing someone stability and reduce slipping. Another good tip is place an additional rubber mat in the bath to help maintain balance when getting in and out of your bath.

Purchase hand rails

Another good safety tip is installing handrails. Handrails can provide additional balance and support around the bathroom, especially if someone needs to move around. Handrails come in a great variety of styles, designs and textures. The 2 most common types of handrails are:

Once final tip on handrails is to ensure they have a ribbed or textured surface to give additional grip when wet.

Raise the toilet seat

If the toilet seat slightly too low, did you know it can be modified as a raised toilet seat. This will put less pressure on your joints whilst sitting down or either standing up which will make that person less likely to fall or trip in the bathroom.

At Logical Heating & Plumbing Solutions a plumber in croydon company, we regularly perform bathroom safety  tasks like the ones described above. To find out more about how you can protect your bathroom. Give us a call on 020 8664 9099.

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replace the thermostat

3 Reasons to replace the thermostat

If your thermostat is not working efficiently, it may be time to install a new one. Here are 3 reasons to replace the thermostat.

Our home thermostats are designed to assist temperature control within the property. The function of the thermostat can vary depending on their intended environment. However all thermostat serve the same purpose, to keep temperature under control and within your energy bills and budget.

Nearing it expired date

Whilst thermostats do not have an expired date it is thought that if your thermostat is more than fifteen years old, it’s likely to be replaced. Look out for signs that your thermostat’s wiring is deteriorating.


Although your thermostat may appear to be working fine, you could be making huge savings by simply upgrading to a newer digital model. New thermostats allow you to increase your energy efficiency by accurately monitoring temperatures and programming operation times to suit your daily schedule.

Faulty readings

If you notice that your thermostat is showing a temperature reading that is vastly different from the temperature of your room, it may be time to get a new one. Inaccurate or faulty readings are a signs that your thermostat’s temperature gauge is on its way out.

Tips for buying a new thermostat

When purchasing a new thermostat from Logical Heating & Plumbing solutions a central heater installers in croydon company, it is worth keeping in mind that the new digital models are likely to be a little more expensive when it comes to replace the thermostat. They do however offer added benefits that will make the extra cost more worthwhile.

Investing in a new digital thermostat will also help you gain better control over the temperature of your home or workspace, enabling you to adjust it to suit your needs and requirements.

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is your pipes ready for snow

Is Your Pipes Ready For Snow?

Your home’s pipes go through a lot when the snow falls.

With the temperatures below freezing, preparing your home’s plumbing for the snow season can help prevent water leaks, burst pipes and other problems. The question is your pipes ready for snow.

Insulate Your Pipes

Pipe insulation helps to shield your pipes from extreme low temperatures, and also helps your home operate more efficiently. Pipe insulation comes in self-adhesive tubes that can easily be cut down to the right size and attached to the pipes in your home. If you’re on a budget, you can also protect your pipes by using plastic ties to wrap your pipes in newspaper.

Drain Your Water Heater

People tend to take long, hot showers to stay warm when snow is falling. This might feel good on your body, but it can be hard on your water heater. This is especially bad for your water heater if it’s been a long time since you drained the sediment from the bottom of the unit. Draining your water heater can improve its efficiency and help prevent a breakdown.

Remove the Outdoor Hose

The hose attached to your outdoor spigot is likely to have water in it. When the temperature drops, this water will freeze and back up into your home. This can lead to burst pipes or, at the very least, a damaged hose. To prevent this from happening, remove the hose from the spigot and leave the hose somewhere safe in your garage or elsewhere in your home.

Flush Your Sprinkler System

Your home’s sprinkler system is full of water. Leaving those pipes full of water throughout the snow season can lead to a burst pipe. The best way to prevent your underground sprinkler system pipes from bursting is to fill the pipes with air and flush out the water. This can be done with an air compressor if you have one in your home.

At Logical Heating & Plumbing Solutions a plumber in croydon, we regularly perform household tasks like the ones described above. To find out more about how you can protect your plumbing this snowy season, give us a call on 020 8664 9099.

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