Keeps warm this winter with our Energy Saving Tips

Keeps warm this winter with our Energy Saving Tips

It looking to be another frosty winter so it even more important to keep yourself warm this winter, here at Logical Heating & Plumbing Solutions can Keeps warm this winter with our Energy Saving Tips

The first thing to do is start checking your home boiler for early warning signs in order to prevent surprising costly bills later on. This might be the case if you call out an emergency plumber to fix a broken-down boiler, so start checking if the boiler is still in proper order. The main thing to remember when checking your boiler is the stronger the flame the better the burn, what this mean is the flame in your boiler should be a strong, clear blue. If it appears yellow, orange or hazy it may be a sign of the fuel burning incorrectly and the presence of carbon monoxide.

If you unsure on how to check your boiler is working properly or can’t see any flame burring, then it might be time to get your boiler properly serviced. It is advisable to get your boiler serviced at least once a year to prevent problem during the winter.

Another thing to check in the home is any external pipes work for any serious wear and tear as these may leads to bigger problems throughout the winter. The biggest plumbing problem during the winter is frozen pipes as it wills inevitably leads to burst pipes.

Simple energy saving tips will also save you on your fuel bill

Keep curtains closed – the most amount of heat in a household is lost through windows and doors, this is especially the case if you have single glazing windows. Many energy suppliers already advise to keep curtains partially closed to hold the heat in and the cold out.

Check your thermostat – Find a suitable heat to have the thermostat at whilst your heating is on. If you turn the heat on and off as you get too hot/cold it uses more energy continually heating the system from cold to hot than it does to keep it at a constant steady heat.

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