Keeping Warm With Central Heating And Under Floor Heating This Winter

Keeping Warm With Central Heating And Under Floor Heating This Winter

Every year, the winter seems to get harsher than it was in the previous year and keeping warm is becoming an essential need. There are plenty of ways to keep warm in winters but two of the most popular systems are central heating and under floor heating.

In central heating systems, hot air produced from heated water is used. There are plenty of central heating systems but in all of them, the heat that is supplied is produced in a single unit that is then ducted to outlets either on the floor or ceiling.Under floor heating is one type of a central heating system wherein the heat produced by the central heating system is omitted from the floor.

The Advantages

Under floor heating has several advantages and benefits. The first one is that it allows you to control the temperature for each room using easy controls and thermostats. This makes under floor heating a good option if you are looking for optimum comfort. This also allows you to save money and resources because you no longer have to heat up rooms which are empty. The controls allows the home owner to decide which room they want to heat up, for how long they want to heat said room up and how hot they want the temperature to be.

Under floor heating is also starting to become a popular option amongst people who wish to adopt a more energy-efficient heating option. Under floor heating is energy efficient because unlike a radiator system that uses water at extremely high temperature, under floor heating uses water at a lower temperature. It is very much capable of supplying the same amount of heat as a typical radiator can without using up as much energy. This, as a result, makes under floor heating systems cost-efficient as well.

Another advantage of having an under floor heating system instead of a radiator is that it does not interfere with the aesthetics of your house. You can free up your walls and not have that radiator bulging on your wall. If you choose to have an under floor heating system, you have all the freedom in the world to decorate your interiors as you wish.

Because under floor heating systems is a form of radiant heating, it gives off a better quality of air compared to those systems which are a form of convection heating. This prevents harmful germs and pollen from circulating in your room. This is a particularly important aspect to consider especially if you have people who asthma patients or have pollen allergies are living in your home.

If your under floor heating system is installed properly by Logical Heating & Plumbing Solutions in Croydon, you should expect it to run properly with little to no maintenance requirements.  You do not need to keep checking on it. All the maintenance checks that are required will take place on ground level. The central manifold which is what should be maintained will be located at a place that is easy to access at your home.

The Disadvantages

Like all other types of heating systems, under floor heating systems also have its disadvantages. Albeit they are not alarming or too drastic, it is still important to note them down and take them into consideration if you are planning to call for an under floor heating system installation in Croydon.

Although it is in rare instances that this might happen, if there are leaks or any problems with your under floor heating system, it is required that the floors will be opened up for it to be fixed. Now this can be a huge task to undergo and a hassle as well. Another disadvantage is that under floor heating systems do not heat up as quickly as other heating systems. This means that you may have to pre-heat the room ahead of time before you can use it.

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