Illegal Gas Work: The Facts

Illegal Gas Work: The Facts


What is Illegal Gas Work?

  • Gas Work is illegal if it not been carried out a Gas Safe registered engineer.
  • It’s also illegal for gas work to be done by someone else that is registered but is working outside the scope of their qualifications.
  • Intentionally signing off the work of a non-registered fitter is also illegal and may result in the prosecution of both the registered engineer and the unregistered fitter.

If you find Illegal Gas Work.

  • If you come across illegal gas work, report it asap to Gas Safe Register on 0800 408 5500 or
  • If the work is dangerous, make the installation safe but do not correct the defects yourself, a Gas Safe Registered engineer will need to attend. Nonetheless, if the customer needs to have the work put right before the Gas Safe investigations officers can inspect it, make sure you record your findings and take photos if possible. Gas Safe Register will then take a statement from you and the customer.

What Happen Next?

  • When you report illegal gas work, someone from Gas Safe Register will send a regional investigations officer to make a detailed report for the enforcement agencies within 10 working days.
  • Enforcement agencies, including the HSE and local authorities, will investigate further and decide on the most appropriate course of action – this might include enforcement notices or prosecution.


  • Maximum penalty in magistrates’ courts for breaching the gas safety regulations is £20,000 or one year in prison.
  • The maximum penalty in the Crown Court for breaching the regulations is an unlimited fine or two years in prison.


Gas Safe Register Website

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