How to Retrieve Items in a Sink Drain

how to retrieve items in a sink drain

There is one occurrence that leaves us angry and annoyed; it has to be when we have lost something down the sink. It’s one of life most frustrated thing and often does led to frantic searches around the home Here is a guide on how to retrieve items in a sink drain.

Metallic jewellery will sink and can usually be retrieved from the plumbing drain trap under the sink. Be sure to turn off the water immediately to minimize any chance of the item getting flushed into the main sewer line. Taking apart the P-trap to recover a lost item is simple and can often be done without tools. This job took less than 15 minutes.

Indeed, metallic jewellery that slips down the drain could have you reaching for the phone to call an emergency plumber. But, before you do that, there are some steps you can take to try to retrieve the item on your own.

The easiest option and one where you don’t have to get your hands dirty, is try to use your vacuum. As something light like an earrings might respond to the suction of the vacuums;  to avoid losing the item in the vacuum you should place a piece of nylon or pantyhose over the suction area.

Place the vacuum hose over the sink drain and turn it on. Leave it in place for around 15 seconds. If the item is small enough and light enough, you might find it attached to the nylon at the end of the hose.

If this doesn’t work, the next step is to get your hands a little dirty which can also save you money. The first thing you’ll want to do is turn the water off to the sink. There are going to be valves underneath the sink that you can turn to shut off the water. If you lost the items in the kitchen sink, it might be also a good idea to unplug the garbage disposal if you have one installed.

If that failed, you’re going to need to locate the U-shaped pipe “trap” underneath the sink. Unless the item you lost is buoyant, this is where it will have fallen. If you haven’t already, clear the area underneath your sink and place towels underneath the pipe trap. This way, you won’t cause any water damage underneath the sink. You’ll also need a bucket handy for when you actually remove the pipe trap.

Using a pipe wrench or channel lock pliers, loosen the slip nuts that connect the U-shaped trap to the actual piping. After removing the pipe trap, dump the contents into the bucket and begin searching for your item. It shouldn’t take you much longer to re-assemble the pipe trap after that. Then you will have your lost item back and you likely will have saved some money by not calling an emergency plumber.

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