How To Maintain Your Boiler

How To Maintain Your Boiler

How to maintain your boiler as a homeowner without calling a plumber? As having your boiler maintained maximizes its efficiency for many years, but

When you are having your boiler serviced regularly by a gas safety registered plumber bromley, the important thing to remember is to book it for annual servicing as it generally won’t be as expensive as having to pay the cost of repairing (plus it is a legal requirement if you are a landlord).

The plumbers need to check over the boiler to see if there are any obvious faults, then they will need to remove the front of the boiler to access the internal parts. It’s here the plumbers would conduct a gas tightness test to ensure no gas is leaking or escaping from the unit. Any gas leakage can be very harmful and potentially lead to fatalities.

The plumbers check all parts of the boiler are working while also cleaning all internal parts. If any parts are not working or need replacing, the plumbers will ensure that all repairs are being taken care of. Before finishing the service, they fire the boiler to ensure it’s working properly. Once the front unit has been put back on, you are issued a report confirming all the details of the service.

There are ways to prevent issues with your boiler, mainly by regularly cleaning and properly maintaining your central heating system. There are simple tasks you can do that require little effort such as bleeding your radiators regularly and repairing pipe work, radiators and the boiler itself. By ensuring your boiler remains efficient and working at full capacity your family will remain warm and safe during the winter months.

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