Gas leak detection and repairs

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Gas leaks can be very dangerous – that’s why it’s essential you take immediate action and follow a few simple steps to make sure that you’re safe. Then, contact us on 020 8664 9099 and we’ll send one of our Gas Safe registered heating engineers out to locate and repair the leak.

What to do if you think you have a gas leak

  • Turn off your gas supply. To do this, find the shut-off valve that should be located by your gas meter and turn the handle so that it’s at a right angle to the pipe.
  • Open the windows to allow fresh air in
  • Don’t switch any lights on or off
  • Don’t use a mobile phone or other electrical items
  • Don’t smoke, light a match, or use any other open flame.
  • Leave the property
  • Call the 24/7 National Gas Emergency Number – 0800 111 999

Calling the National Gas Emergency Number will ensure that someone is sent out to cap your gas supply so that your property is safe.

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Why choose us to find
and repair your gas leak?

Fast response

You won’t be kept waiting. Gas-related issues can be dangerous and disruptive, so our repair service offers a quick response. Once you’ve taken the necessary steps to get your gas supply capped, we’ll get an engineer to you as soon as possible to find and fix the fault.


You’ll deal with an experienced Gas Safe registered engineer who has an in-depth knowledge of the trade. They’ll know the best course of action to take in order to locate and repair a gas leak and they’ll work efficiently to keep disruption to a minimum.


Our engineers are provided with all the necessary equipment so that they have what they need to find and fix any gas leaks when visiting your property. This reduces the risk of us having to arrange multiple visits and minimises the period where you’re left without a gas supply.

Competitive pricing

We regularly benchmark our prices against our competitors to make sure that you pay the best possible price for our repairs service. And if you’re offered a cheaper price elsewhere, contact us and, where possible, we’ll match their price. Choosing us guarantees an excellent service and excellent prices.

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