Four Plumbing Secrets For Budget-Concious Homeowners

Four Plumbing Secrets For Budget-Concious Homeowners

As I’m sure you are already aware that your plumbing is the most important system in the home. It transports water in and unwanted water wasted out. Here are Four Plumbing Secrets For Budget-Concious Homeowners.

It’s up to you as the homeowner to keep the plumbing system working. Luckily there is simple maintenance you can take to preserve and protect your plumbing fixtures and pipes, as well as saving you money on your water heating.

Here are four secret tips to show you on how to become more comfortable and confident with the home plumbing system while also saving you money at the same time.

Assess your Water Usage.
Before you spend any money, start to assess your water usage within the home; this is done by checking your water meter. Locate your water meter and take note of the amount displayed, a good time to do this is at night when you know that no one is using any water. Keep a log and keep checking the flow through the pipes. This can help you indicate on whether you have a leak.  

Insulate your pipes to save you money down the road.
Any exposed pipes should be insulated to protect them from winter freezing. Any outdoor bare pipes that are prone to freeze will cause rupture and put a greater pressure. Before the weather turn to below 0 degree insulate your hot water pipes, this will reduces the energy used to supply hot water. This is especially good if the water has to travel a long distance from the original source.

Regularly clean and maintain your plumbing fixtures.
In order to prevent any future and costly problems, try to clean your plumbing fixtures. To do this use a powder or a tablet cleaner specifically designs for garbage disposals at least once a month. Never use a tablet toilet bowl cleaner in your tank, as this cause unnecessary damage to the flushing mechanism. Also regularly remove debris from faucet aerators by taking them off and soaking them in vinegar.

Lower the temperature on your water heater to 120 degrees.
A good temperature for sufficient water heating without producing scalding is 120 degrees. A good tip is for every 10 degrees you lower the thermostat, you will save 4% on energy costs. When you are away from the home, try to turn off the water heating as this will also save you money.

Saving money where you can is a smart move for homeowners, especially when it means doing small maintenance that will prevent larger problems down the road. At Logical heating & plumbing, we are ready to listen to your worries and share our expertise with our loyal customers. If you have questions or are looking for more tips, please give us a call!



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