Five Essential Tips for Your Plumbing During The Autumn and Winter Months

Five Essential Tips for Your Plumbing During The Autumn and Winter Months

Autumn/Winter is slowly creeping round, and people everywhere soon will be decorating their homes with Halloween ornaments, pumpkins, and before you know it Christmas tinsels. Here are five essential tips to help you in preparing your pipes for the imminent colder winter weather:

What some people tend to forget in the colder months is to check their plumbing before the frost really set in.

Protect The Pipes! The easiest way in preventing pipes from either freezing or bursting, is to be sure that they are properly insulated. If you’re not sure if your pipes are well insulated or not, give us a call, and we’ll inspect your pipes for you!

Fix The Leaky Faucet!  Before the frost really set in, check out all faucets in the kitchen, bathroom(s), and any utility room locations. If they’re leaking, we here at Logical heating & Plumbing Solutions would be more than happy to lend a hand or two!

Drain the Hot Water Heater: If you live in an area that use hard water, then this is especially necessary. When the hot water heater isn’t drained enough, extra amounts of sediments could build up in the tank, and rust could begin to develop in the tank. If you find that your hot water heater is too old or is rusting, you should probably consider getting a new one. You don’t want to go throughout winter taking cold showers!

Disconnect The Outside Water Hoses:  Well, Autumn/winter is the perfect time to disconnect your water hose and store it away until springtime. By leaving the outdoor hose connected to the faucet, the water that’s still left in the hose can freeze and expand during the fall and winter months, which can cause the connection pipe to expand and burst.

The Outdoor Faucets Matter: It isn’t just indoor faucets that matter; don’t forget about the outdoor faucets. Do a quick check to see if they aren’t dripping or leaking; if they are and aren’t fixed, this could lead to some nasty accidents in the future, especially when the temperature goes below the freezing point.

 When In Doubt… call us out! We here at Logical Heating & Plumbing Solutions would be happy to help inspect or repair any pipe problems you may have.

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