Everything You Need to Know About Your Home Heating Boiler

home heating boiler

The coldness you are feeling could be due to your home heating boiler breaking down. Especially If you are new homeowner and if you are unsure on how to warm up your property, then here is a brief guide to help you.

Imagine this scenario, where one evening at home you find yourself a little bit on the chilly side. At first you think nothing is wrong and the solution is to put on a jumper. However soon after you find that you are not warming up and in fact the room and you are getting colder.

What is a home heating boiler and how does it work?

A home heating boiler two main functions are to heat your home and also your water supply. Every boiler is equipped with a burner. The fuel the burner use is either natural gas or oil and it to power the boiler and create the necessary steam to heat your home.

Natural gas is supplied through a specialized pipe and released into the boiler, oil is sent through a pressurized tank. These fuel sources mix with the air and ignite to create enough heat to boil the water and produce steam.

Inside your home heating boiler is water. The burned fuel combines with the water to create steam.  Ultimately, it’s steam that heats your home through radiators, under-floor vents, baseboards and specialized pipes that run throughout your home.  Some steam stays inside the boiler; otherwise, your home becomes overheated.

Are home heating boilers as popular as they once were?  Definitely not.  In fact, most older boilers have been replaced by electric or gas-fired forced air heating systems.

But that doesn’t mean that a home heating boiler isn’t still a good investment.  Gas boilers, in fact, are both highly energy efficient and durable.  Condensing boilers (one of three types) are the most efficient and produce the least amount of greenhouse gases.

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