Don’t Let Boiler Troubles Leave You in the Cold This Seasons

boiler troubles

I expect as a homeowner that you heat your home with a central heating system that is powered by a boiler. Do you know how long since that boiler was first installed? Has it always been there? If the answer is yes and your boiler is more than 10 years old, it might be time to upgrade to a new energy efficient one, After all, don’t let boiler troubles leave you in the cold this seasons.

After all, boilers have been getting more and more energy efficient over the last few years, and these new boilers will also save you money in the long term due to cutting your heating cost. So to avoid any boiler troubles this season, now is the right time to upgrade to a new boiler.

How Can a New Boiler Save Money?

What a lot of new boiler does is extract heat from the exhaust fumes produced in the initial process. This is done using a second heat exchange where the water vapour in the gas condenses into drops of water, releasing heat in the process. The water is then drained away from the boiler using a specially designed pipe. With a lot of older boiler simply expel the gas from the unit, wasting that additional heat.

Combination or Regular Boiler?

Condensing boiler units come in two different types. A combination boiler produces heat for your central heating and also heats your water on demand. A regular boiler will heat your home, but, instead of heating your water as necessary, it will also have a storage tank with hot water ready. Combination boilers are perfect for any homeowners who are looking to save space as they are generally smaller. The lack of a storage tank for hot water also helps this unit save space. A regular boiler system, on the other hand, is a good choice if you use a lot of hot water or have multiple bathrooms.

Ready to Prevent Plumbing Problems From Giving You a Headache?

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