Does Your Home Need Re-Wiring?

Does Your Home Need Re-Wiring?

As a homeowner, the thoughts of your home needing to be wired can be a horrible nightmare. However don’t think you’re in the middle a horror movie as this is a great opportunities to re-wiring your home.

Here are some common signs to look out for:

  • Discolouring on outlets/char marks– If you notice this, do be aware this is a serious sign, as it indicates that a small fire or burning has already occurred. If you see these kinds of marks on any of your outlets, discontinue use of that outlet and call an engineer for assistance.
  • You have aluminium wiring– Back in the 1960s, aluminium was the go-to metal, and it used for everything from Christmas trees to house siding. Unfortunately, aluminium becomes too hot when used for electrical wiring, which can lead to fires. Not sure if you have aluminium wiring? A licensed electrician can help.
  • There’s a burning smell coming from somewhere– Do you smell something burning in certain areas of your home where there should not be a smell? This can be an indication that wiring behind a wall is overheating. It’s important to call for help right away should you ever detect a burning smell in your home as it can cause a fire.
  • Repeatedly tripping breaker(s)– A breaker or breakers that are always tripping are faulty, and one of the reasons for this fault can be problematic wiring. A trained electrician will be able to properly diagnose the problem and repair it.

If you suspect you have an issue with your wiring and do need a electrician and want some friendly and professional advice, then contact Logical Heating & Plumbing solutions an electrician croydon company today. We’ll be happy to advise you on any aspect of your home electrical system.Give us a call today on 020 8664 9099, we look forward hearing from you.

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