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Logical Heating & Plumbing Solutions has the skills and experience needed to make your project a success. We’ve been operating in the industry since 1997 and we’ve learned a thing or two during that time which has set us apart from the competition. We care about all our customers and we will always do the right thing by them; we make sure that our pricing is competitive, we never upsell any unnecessary services, and we avoid causing any additional disruption. No matter which of our services are required, we will always complete our work safely, efficiently, and with our customer’s needs in mind.

As a company, we invest in all our team members so that they have the skills, knowledge, and resources that they need to succeed. Our dedicated office team plays a key role within the day-to-day operations of the company, dealing with customer enquiries, liaising with our engineers, and responding to urgent maintenance requests. Crucially, they manage and organise the workload for each of the engineers, making sure that they’re always where they’re needed most by updating their schedules in real time via their tablet computers. This technology lets us communicate quickly and clearly among the team and ensures that each of our customers receive a quick response.

Our office also acts as a hub for sharing any updates and industry news among our engineers. We’ve built up a great deal of specialist knowledge within the company and we understand just how important this resource is. Several of our team members have decades worth of experience within the industry that they’re able to share with the rest of the team when needed and we also make sure that we stay on top of any industry and manufacturer developments. This allows us to offer our customers a wide range of options as we’re familiar with a number of smaller manufacturers and alternative heating options.

Working with Logical Heating & Plumbing Solutions means working with a company that is experienced, knowledgeable, and is committed to offering you more choice.

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What sets Logical Heating &
Plumbing Solutions apart?

Customer focused

We work closely with all our customers to ensure that their project meets, and often exceeds, their expectations. You can involve us at any stage of the process, whether you need design ideas or you just want us to carry out the work you have in mind.


Our team is kept up to date with all the latest developments in the trade, ensuring that our work always complies with professional standards. We also draw on our experience to find increasingly efficient ways of working, saving our customers time and money.


You can rely on our team. We always arrive at the agreed time and start work as expected so that you get the best possible value for money. And we always take care to minimise disruption when working in your home or business by making sure that we clean up any mess.

High standards

We take care to complete all our work to the highest possible standard so that our customers are always pleased with the results. In fact, the majority of our customers have been so pleased by the quality of our work that they’ve used our services multiple times.

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