Common Summer Plumbing Issues

plumbing issues

The recent heat wave of the summer is of course exciting, but it also can cause potential problems with your plumbing.  While plumbing issues may not be the first things that come to mind when you think of potential problems in the home during the summer, the warmer months can be a prime time for plumbing issues.
Here is a list of some plumbing issues you might encounter and what to look out for.

Clogged Waste Disposals

The summer months mean a laid back attitude, BBQs, and alfresco dining, but please don’t be too laid back when disposing of your waste food. When you have finished your BBQ, avoid pouring cooking oils and dirty grease down the drain as this can cause serious clotting. Also be aware that vegetables can also lead to clogs and damage disposal systems. A good tip would be to run cold water through your disposal before and after usage to make sure the system is really clear.

Over usage of the Washing Machine

More outdoor activities mean more washing; a day spent at the beach or at a pool does mean your washing machine may be used more often.  So these summer months you should take extra care with the washing machine and check it for faults, make sure there’s no bulges, leaks or cracks. A good tip would be to move the machine out from the wall a little and check that the hose has been replaced within the last three years.

Back-Ups for Sewer Lines

The summer rain showers and thunderstorms are inevitable, especially as the air heats up during the day. This mean that excessive rain can get into the sewer pipes and cause the sewer lines to back up.  The humid weather can also cause problem to your ductwork and create condensation which can cause a backup to the drain if it is not clear. The most obvious sign of sewer line problems is water from the toilet backing up into the bathtub drain; if this occurs call Logical Heating& Plumbing right away as a replacement line may be necessary.

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