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A buyer’s report is an independent assessment of the plumbing and heating systems in a property. If you’re hoping to purchase a new home in London, Surrey, or Kent, investing in one of our buyer’s report will allow you to identify in advance if there are any issues that you’ll need to repair or upgrade in the future.

How does it work?

  1. The report is conducted through an independent party, usually the estate agent, who grants us access to the property so that we can carry out our assessment. This ensures that all parties involved know the inspection was conducted neutrally.
  1. The report will summarise the existing plumbing and heating systems, outlining their age, condition and energy efficiency. This will give you a solid understanding of these current systems and will allow you think about any future expenses.
  1. To assist with this, the report will also identify any recommended actions so that you can plan ahead. These actions will be accompanied by an estimated cost and an advisory timescale.
  1. If the buyer’s report identifies any issues, it could potentially be used as a bargaining tool when submitting an offer on the property. Its main benefit, however, is identifying any future expenses so that the buyer has peace of mind when making an offer on the property.

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Why choose us to carry
out your buyer’s report?


Your buyer’s report will be carried out by someone who knows exactly what they’re doing and what they’re looking for because all our engineers are Gas Safe registered and are members of the APHC.


We know exactly what the different parties involved expect from us and we make sure that our buyer’s reports fulfil these expectations. We’ll always assess the property independently so that the final report is objective and professional.

Competitive pricing

We regularly benchmark our prices against our competitors to make sure that you pay the best possible price for our service. And if you’re offered a cheaper price elsewhere, contact us and, where possible, we’ll match their price. Choosing us guarantees an excellent service, and excellent prices.


Our buyer’s reports are clear and easy to follow. The current heating and plumbing systems are neatly summarised so that everyone is on the same page and any recommended actions are outlined and discussed. If there are any issues, you’ll understand exactly what needs to be done.

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