Beware of Plumbing Trouble in the Winter Months

winter months

The winter months are particularly difficult for the well-being of the house. What can happen is the structure can be stressed by the freeze-thaw pattern, and it also the systems are more prone to fail.

Any plumbing problem is often due to frozen plumbing pipes or from the pipes bursting, if this occurs then call in a plumber right away.

How to know if you have frozen pipe? Since most frozen pipes are located outside, it isn’t always easy to notice when it does freezes up.
If you notice a decrease in pressure or flow from one of your faucets, you might have partial freeze in one of your pipes. Don’t just assume this will get better – a partial freeze will almost always turn to a total freeze if left unattended.

What happen is the pressure from the expanding ice puts onto the pipes is easily enough to break the pipes entirely If it left to build for a long time.

The plumber will be able to track down the frozen spot and will have the equipment needed to relieve the condition; also they might give you tips on how to insulate your pipes better in order to avoid a refreeze in the future.

With any luck, winter will come and go without your house being any worse for the wear. To that end, you can check on the insulation of your pipes before the cold season and add protection if you find any exposed spots. However, you might be in a situation where it is too late and the pipes are already freezing. In that case, call an emergency plumber as soon as possible to get the problem taken care of. Every minute you wait is a minute closer you get to a major plumbing disaster. Act fast and put your trust in the hands of the professionals – you will be glad you did.

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