The Benefit of Having your Plumbing Inspected Every Year

plumbing system

The pipes for plumbing within the home is designed to be out of sight as much as possible. This unfortunately can be difficult to detect a problem within the plumbing system when a problem does occur; also can cause quite a bit of damage if it left unchecked.  This is why it’s so important to detect the fault as soon as possible.

Read on for what could occur within the plumbing system without you even knowing it, and how annual plumbing inspection can solve them.

Pinhole Leaks

Pinhole leaks are holes in the pipe caused by pitted corrosion. Pinhole leaks tend to occur fairly quickly after the pitted corrosion starts, but because they only leak one or two drops of water at a time they can go unnoticed for quite a while unless the pipe is physically examined. After a few months of dripping into the surrounding area, pinhole leaks can rot out insulation, studs, and sheetrock. The best way to prevent massive damage from pinhole leaks is to have your plumbing inspected once a year, as it’s pretty much the only way to catch them early.

Lime Scale

Hard water is water with a high mineral content. It is common to many areas of the country, especially in areas with large amounts of certain mineral deposits. As hard water flows through the pipes in your home, it deposits small amounts of these minerals on the inner walls. Over years, these mineral deposits grow into lime scale, a substance that restricts the flow of water through the pipe. If not caught early enough, lime scale can harden to the point that it cannot be removed, necessitating replacing the entire pipe. If you have your plumbing inspected at least once a year, you drastically increase the chance of finding lime scale and removing it before it’s too late.

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