Autumn Is a Good Time for Water Heater Maintenance

Autumn Is a Good Time for Water Heater Maintenance

Autumn Is a good time for water heater maintenance, as a lot of homeowners start to make plans for the approach of winter.

This includes tasks like insulating the outdoor pipes and arranging for professional annual maintenance for heating systems from Logical Heating & Plumbing solutions.

There are some parts of the plumbing that could also use some water heater maintenance, as you’ll especially miss it if it fails during the winter, so it’s wise to have maintenance done before winter arrives.

Do I need water heater maintenance every year?

Yes. A water heater is much like other heating systems, such as furnaces, and it undergoes enough strain during the year to make maintenance a necessity. In fact, a water heater puts in much more service than a furnace, since it receives use every day of the year, not during only one season.

What problems does water heater maintenance prevent?

Many potential repair issues are preventable thanks to annual maintenance for a water heater. For example, maintenance checks the anode rod that stops corrosion from affecting the tank. A gas safety engineer will change the anode rod if it has started to corrode all the way through. Maintenance also eliminates sediment build-up in the tank that can lead to high water pressure, locates where leaks may be starting, and prevents potentially hazardous gas leaks.

Are there any other benefits to regular water heater maintenance?

You can expect the water heater to last many years longer than it otherwise would thanks to maintenance. Routine maintenance also protects the energy efficiency of the system so that the water heater won’t become more and more expensive to run each year. Finally, maintenance gives you peace of mind that there’s little chance of the water heater failing on you during the coming year.

Give us at Logical heating & Plumbing Solutions a call today to learn more about how to check for water heater maintenance around you home or schedule a time for one of our plumber croydon to come out and take a look.

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