A solution to my blocked sink problem

A solution to my blocked sink problem

I have a blocked sink what can I do to unblock it? Here is A solution to my blocked sink problem.

The first option and usually the most cost effective method when you notice that you have a blocked sink is to try using a plunger or, pour some Mr Muscle down the sink .If this method doesn’t work, then the best course of action is calling a plumber, as the first thing they will do is to remove the U bend and see if there is a blockage. If there is a blockage then this can be simply removed with a screwdriver or a similar tool, once this has been done then the plumber will reassemble the U bend without the need to use PTFE tape to seal the joints and retest the sink. If you still got a blockage and the method of taking out the U bend hasn’t work, then the next part is to look in the waste pipe itself.

What this mean is the plumber will a special plumbing tools called a worm. This is used to send down the waste pipe to break up and clear any blockages within the waste pipe. This saves time from having to cut into the pipework and removing the blocked pipe.  If the water still refuses to flow down the sink, then you might be having a blocked drains and often this will cost you extra money to sort out this problem. The reason for this is that in most cases the plumber will need to use a drain jetting machine to blast out the blockage.

What can I do to prevent my sink from becoming blocked again?

A good way in preventing your sink from blocking up again is to fit a strainer over the sink hole. This will collect any unwanted food and waste from going down the drainage system. If you allow food and oils to go down the sink, it causes a layer or build up of gunge over time across the internal span of the pipe. As time passes on the pipe will become narrower and narrower, till eventually it will become blocked completely. The idea is to use the sink as normal, and any food that falls into the sink will collect over the sink hole in the strainer. Most modern sinks these days will come with a basket strainer that is built into the plug hole.

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