A 5-Step Checklist To Good Boiler Servicing

A 5-Step Checklist To Good Boiler Servicing

When it comes to your boiler, regular servicing is an important part of its maintenance, there is a 5-Step Checklist To Good Boiler Servicing. What does good boiler service involve? Here’s a 5 step checklist to follow and you will be on your way making sure your boiler is properly maintained.

1.     Boiler engineers bromley recommend annual servicing for the majority of household boilers. The engineers should be Gas Safe Registered (this has replaced the common-known-CORGI certificate).

2.     The annual service starts with a visual check, this establishes the boiler complies with the rules laid out in building regulations, electrical regulations, gas-safety regulations and British Standards. All must comply with present legislation.

3.     Your basic boiler service should last around half an hour. If you are unsure, feel free to ask before the engineers start.

4.     If your boiler shows a fault, the engineers should inform you of any additional costs that the repairs will incur. Any parts that are replaced should only be made by the manufacturer of the boiler, to ensure they’re compatible.

5.     Once the servicing is completed the final step is the service report. This is a chance for you to check what the engineers have stated they have done. Only sign off the report if you happy with the work the engineers have done.

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